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Why SMhack?

Social media has opened the gates for brands to communicate directly with their customers. It also has subjected brands to open scrutiny. It has become necessary to keep a handle on all the discussions about your brand on social media and respond in time. Find out how SMhack helps you to manage your social media presence.

multiple social media profiles added in dashboard

Social Media Dashboard

Your audience is present in different social media platforms. Having your presence in multiple social media platforms is imperative. SMhack brings all your social profiles to its social media dashboard called Social Inbox. You’ll be able to keep track of all your profiles from one single place.

respond from social media dashboard itself

Social Media Engagement

Have real conversations with your customers. SMhack brings all your brand mentions, comments DMs, and comments to your social inbox. This helps you in tracking your brand’s mentions and responding quickly. Reduce your response time with our real-time notifications to cement your ties with your audience.

outgoing content can be scheduled based on date and time

Social Media Scheduling

It becomes difficult to keep the conversation alive on social media. You need to keep communicating to your audience through content. SMhack lets you queue your outgoing content. You can also schedule your content to target specific audiences. Keep the conversations going so that you are always in touch with your users.

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in-depth social media reports

Social Media Analytics

Track all the metrics that matter to improve your social strategy. Identify the best times to post, the days on which you get maximum engagement, your top engaged posts and much more with in-depth social media analytics. Find out what’s working and rectify what isn’t to improve your social reach.

study your competitor’s social strategy  detail

Social Media Competition Tracking

Another cool way of getting your social strategy on the right track is by studying your competition. Find out how they are doing on social media and how their audience is responding to them. SMhack lets you track your competition so that you are always stay a step ahead of them.

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