Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a social profile ?

To Add Facebook Profile

Go to, Settings Profiles Attach Facebook Profile

To Add Twitter Profile

Go to, Settings Profiles Attach Twitter Profile

Add Social Profile

What do I do if my social profiles are not being added, and I only see a loading symbol?

Check if your browser is blocking pop-ups. If pop-ups are being blocked, then you’ll have to unblock them.

Unblock blocked popup

How do I schedule a post in SMhack?

Go to ‘Compose’ at the top right corner of the screen.

Compose Screen

On clicking it, in the ‘Compose’ window that opens, select (check) the social profiles that you want to publish content to.

Select the social profile to compose

Type in the content that you want to publish to these social channels. You can attach media (images / videos) to your outgoing content, too, by clicking the ‘camera’ icon.

Once you are sure of the content, click on the ‘calendar’ icon to open up the calendar. Select the date and time that you want the content to go out at and click ‘Schedule’. Your outgoing content is now scheduled.

schedule the message on compose

How do I verify my scheduled content?

Go to Publish Scheduled

You will see individual tabs with the number of Facebook and/or Twitter profiles that you have scheduled content for. You will also see the content and the day/time that it is scheduled for posting.

Verify scheduled content

You can also find your scheduled posts in the calendar

Go to, Publish Calendar

Use the drop down menu on the top right hand side of the screen to select the social profile you want to see. You will then see that the content populates on the scheduled time slots in the calendar.

Schedule posts in calendar

How do I reschedule or edit scheduled content?

Go to, Publish Scheduled

Click the content tab that you need to edit. If you need to make changes to the content, you can make them here. If you need to change the date and time of the post, click the calendar icon and select the revised date and time. On completing, click ‘Reschedule’ to confirm the changes.

Reschedule scheduled content

How do I delete scheduled content?

Go to, Publish Scheduled

Identify the content tab that you want to delete from the list. On hovering the cursor over the particular tab, a ‘bin’ icon will appear on the right side. Clicking that ‘bin’ icon will delete your scheduled content

Delete scheduled content

How do I invite my team aboard SMhack?

Go to, Settings Users Invite Users Scheduled

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite. You can also give the user access to specific social profiles directly from this screen. Talk about getting two birds in a single shot.

Select ‘Invite User’ to send the invitation mail to join you in SMhack.

Invite my team aboard SMhack

How do I assign tasks to my team members?

In ‘Social Inbox’ you will find tabs containing conversations from your social media channels. To assign the responsibility of these tabs to your team, hover the mouse over the circle at the top left corner of the tab and click it.

Assign tasks to my team members

Clicking it will show you the team members that have been added in SMhack.

Showing Team members

Click on the profile of the team member whom you want to assign this task to. After clicking, the circle changes from a blank avatar to the profile of the team member. Your task has been assigned.

Assign task to team member

How do I reply to a particular conversation?

Clicking on the tab in ‘Social Inbox’ will open the entire conversation. You will see the space below the post where you can type in your response. After writing your response, just press the ‘enter’ key to send. Your reply will be sent.

Reply to particular conversation

How do I close a particular task?

Clicking on the tab in ‘Social Inbox’ will open the entire conversation. If you want to close this task, check the ‘Mark as done’ box in the bottom right corner of the opened tab. This will close the assigned task.

Close a particular task Close a particular task

Does SMhack also support multiple ‘clients’ or ‘sub-accounts’ of some sort?

Yes. We are currently in the process of enhancing the product that agencies can use to support multiple client accounts. All our users will be notified when the ‘agency-based’ model is released.

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