Are you among the 60,000 smart teams who use Slack? Slack makes communication easier between coworkers. It frees up time usually taken up to curate emails and increases productivity. Now, you've got more reasons to use Slack. We’ve just made it better by integrating SMhack with Slack. This integration brings all your social media feeds right into your Slack channel.

social media dashboard on Slack

Social Media Dashboard On Slack It really helps to get notifications to stay on top of social. Every product does that. It’s even better if you receive the updates without changing the platform. Slack integration brings in all the mentions, replies, comments and DMs from multiple networks right to the social media channel created in Slack.

social media conversations on Slack

Social Conversations Through Slack Most of the integrations you find on Slack deliver updates to a Slack channel. We at SMhack, have cranked it up a notch. With Slack integration, a user will be able even to respond to the incoming messages right from the Slack channel itself. Don’t just be a fly on the wall anymore.

social media dashboard on Slack

Verify Publishing Calendar Using Slack It is important to manage your team and monitor their performance. With SMhack’s Slack integration you can do just that. Get all the posts that are being added to the publishing calendar with details of your team members. This helps you to stay on top of things through Slack.

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