social media compose

Compose Posts

Composing posts is as easy as sending an e-mail. Attach images and shorten URLs to get the messaging right. Publish posts in multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter at the same time.
social media scheduling


The time of posting content is vital to engage the right audience in social media. SMhack lets you schedule your tweets and Facebook posts which frees up time for personal interaction with your audience. You can also send your posts to the queue where SMhack helps you with the best-time-to-post your content.
social media publishing


Having problems trying to publish content on multiple platforms? SMhack lets you do that in two clicks. Select the profiles that you want the posts to be shared on, i.e., Facebook pages, profiles, Twitter handles, etc. and publish. Publishing in multiple social media accounts was never so simple.
content publishing calendar

Content Publishing Calendar

Stay in control of the content published. Social media managers can now have control over all the content that goes out on different social networks from this calendar overview. This helps them in channeling the dispersion of content for maximum reach.