twitter analytics report

Twitter Analytics Report 67.2% of businesses will use Twitter to market their products by 2017. Do you have a strategy in place for Twitter? If not, then Twitter analytics report is a good place to start. Find out what works for your audience and leverage that through your brand. Well begun is half done.

Engagement on days

Engagement on days Do you want to see if your audience needs a little #mondaymotivation? SMhack shows you exactly which days of the week have given you high engagement. You can create a strategy to get interesting content out these days. How about sending a few motivational quotes for the Mondays?

Best Times to Post

Best Times to Post Are you worried about your posts on social media not giving you enough engagement? SMhack analyzes the social network you're posting to and your profile history. Using these, you get to see the time when you get the maximum engagement. This data helps you to realign your social media strategy to get maximum attention.

Hashtags Map

Hashtag Map Hashtags place your content in front of users who do not follow you. It hence becomes necessary to consistently use hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Not sure which hashtags to use? SMhack gives you a hashtag map based on your social profile so that you identify the hashtags which are working for you.

Tamaryn Greer

I'm loving SMhack. It's clear and easy to use, assigning tasks is amazing with a big team and I love the way data is presented. I'm seeing things (particularly with the Twitter data) that was previously unavailable

Tamaryn Greer Deputy Editor, Creative Feel

facebook insights report

Facebook Insights Need the 411 on your Facebook posts from last month? SMhack gives you complete insights of your Facebook posts. Increase reach, increase page likes, engage better by analyzing your previous posts. The possibilities are endless.

Top Engaged Posts

Top Engaged Posts Identify which post is working for you and which is not. Not sure how to do that? Start with the posts which have got the highest engagement. It would take up a considerable amount of time to dig them up. SMhack’s social media analytics gives you the top engaged content based on the duration so that you can analyze them further and work on your strategy.

Engagement By Type

Engagement By Type Social media managers like you need to experiment constantly with various forms of content. Do you know if image posts or URL posts work better for you? Well with SMhack, you don’t have to guess anymore. Get a visual teardown of your social content strategy to identify which type of content drives engagement for your social profiles.

Team analytics report

Team Reports A captain always knows what to do. Team reports help you assess the performance of your crew. SMhack reports give you metrics like number of posts published, number of tickets created and closed, and member contributions. Set goals, reduce response times and keep your team motivated. All aboard!