Facebook has been your friendly neighborhood social media platform for long. But people who use it for business, have been facing a few challenges managing stuff. Find out why you need to switch to SMhack to be productive on Facebook.

publish content to multiple Facebook pages

Keep Track Of Multiple Pages Facebook doesn’t allow you to publish content on multiple Facebook pages. You can schedule your content tough. Publishing content to multiple Facebook pages would be asking too much. SMhack lets you choose the Facebook pages and allows you to schedule content based on when your audience is most active. Life just became that much easier for a Facebook admin.

cross platform social media dashboard

Cross-Platform Social Media Dashboard It’s hard to find a business which is active only on Facebook and does not have its presence in other social networks. A social media manager thus has to keep the engagement active across channels which cannot be done using Facebook. SMhack has a cross-platform social media dashboard that captures mentions, replies, comments and DMs from multiple networks. Talk about a single tool to manage them all

Facebook business notification

Notifications Being Missed Research shows that users expect queries posted in social media to be addressed within the hour. Notifications play a significant role in reminding an admin about actions pending. Notifications on Facebook are a mix of personal and official ones, and an admin can miss the actionable things. SMhack allows you to be a step ahead and gives you all the actionable notifications right in your dashboard. You will never again miss out on an opportunity.

social task management

Assign Tasks To Team Members Facebook doesn’t allow you to assign tasks to your team members. Team members will not have a sense of ownership and you will have to do all the heavy lifting. SMhack lets you assign tasks to team members using a cognitive UI. You see your team right over the task that needs to be assigned. This enables faster delegation and increased productivity.

Comparsion With Facebook Till Now

  • Multiple Pages

  • Cross Platform

  • Notification

  • Assign Task

social team analytics

Team Analytics Facebook gives you insights into how your posts are doing. Does it offer insights into the team performance, though? SMhack lets you steer your ship by giving you insights on how your team’s doing. It gives you the posts published, each team member’s contribution and the number of open and closed tasks. This helps you set goals to improve your future reach.

Facebook publishing calendar

Publishing Calendar As an admin or a social media manager, you deserve to know the content going out at the click of a button. Facebook takes you down a long winding road to eventually see your scheduled content. SMhack gives you the publishing calendar at the click of a single button. You can hence calm your nerves by checking the overview of all the content going out from your pages.