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agency social media tool to manage multiple clients

Manage multiple clients from one dashboard

Listening to conversations on multiple social profiles of your clients can get annoying. You deserve order while working on your client’s chaotic social profiles. SMhack lets you organize your clients so that your inbox doesn’t get cluttered. Conversations can be filtered based on client’s social profiles so that you are always in control of your agency / the driver’s seat.

content scheduling for multiple client account

Content scheduling and publishing

Keeping the conversation active in social media is important. Schedule content going out through your client’s social profiles in advance and track it from the social calendar. No sight is more pleasing for an agency than seeing your queue populated with outgoing content.

simple social media tool for agencies

Your clients get it too

It’s not just you who needs to understand the tool. Your client too needs to understand how you are managing his business. After all, it’s their business. For your client to understand a social media dashboard can be difficult. Using SMhack is as easy as managing your email inbox. Your client will get the hang of it in a jiffy.

Pricing not based on number of users

Roles and permissions

Invite your team members onboard and assign roles based on the tasks they handle. This enables them to manage clients and their social conversations easily. Improve productivity by delegating better.

agency client onboarding

Assigning tasks and monitoring

Assigning tasks is as easy as pie. SMhack induces a cognitive response since you see your team members right there on the task to assign it right. Want to crank it up a notch? Invite your client too to the account. Let him have access to front row seats to witness you increase his business.

agency social media analytics


“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” - Peter Drucker. So get cracking on your measurements to give the right picture to your client. SMhack gives you reports about your client’s social profiles, complete client report, and a complete agency report. Track your client’s social progress and let the reports show what your efforts have resulted. Who knows, your client might be due for an upgrade.

Social media agencies can track competitor’s social strategy

Social media competitor tracking

No strategy is ever complete without mentioning your competitors. Social media agencies can use SMhack’s exhaustive competitor tracking reports to gain new clients by comparing their brand to the competition. Nothing scares a client more than knowing that they don’t have a strategy against their rival’s growth. Get a foot in the door using these reports to get those elusive clients.

Pricing not based on number of users

Team members stay rent free

SMhack believes in the power of teamwork and that is evident in our pricing. It is the only social media management tool that does not charge you based on the number of users. No more writing the login credentials on whiteboards or sharing them on Slack. Get all your users onboard and get cracking on social.

like and retweet from the social inbox itself

Native social media features

Don’t just respond. Connect with your audience. You would essentially want to like, retweet, or share your user’s voice with your followers. Now do all that from your Social Inbox. Engage your users in a much smarter way.

Social media agencies can use SMhack’s Slack app to manage social

Slack for social teams

Slack has more than two million users now. The chances are that you too are using Slack for communicating internally. SMhack lets you bring your entire social media conversations to a Slack channel. You can even respond to these posts from Slack itself.

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