How Spin Modern Increased its
Social Presence
with SMhack

No matter the size of your business, in today’s digital world, almost every business has a web and social presence. But what’s more important is to have a strong web presence and a social connect. With 700+ websites created and millions of users accessing different social channels every minute, the struggle to stand out is real.

Spin Modern understood these challenges more than most agencies. They started out as a web advertising agency that helped businesses build an online presence. They specialize in creating websites, web portfolios, and e-commerce stores. In their own words, “We create websites that stand out.”


When Spin Modern began to explore the opportunity of offering social media marketing as one of their services, they realised that the scope was huge. They also knew that as they scale and take up more projects, managing social for multiple channels and clients will get cumbersome.

Spin Modern had a 3-part social media strategy:

  • Build social media as a service/offering to customers
  • Look at competitors and then shape the offering around that
  • Ensure posting relevant and engaging content

If the strategy worked and clients started pouring in, they needed to build momentum. Spin Modern knew that they had to be informed of all that’s happening in their clients’ industries and their competitors. While such information is available from different sources, it is highly time-consuming to put it all together and make sense of it. It didn’t stop there. Once they created a publishing strategy they needed it to be approved by the client. All this had to be done manually and sent to the client. This was not just time-consuming but also tedious.

“It only made sense to have a social media management tool right from the start.” Spin Modern’s Social Media Manager, Brandy, concludes.


Having used various social media management software such as Buffer, HootSuite, Sprout Social, Every Post, and Hubspot, Brandy saw that none of these tools seemed to meet the social media management requirements of Spin Modern. After spending a few days on the internet looking for a similar but scalable software, they found SMhack.

“I found it on accident, really.” Brandy jokes.

But after having compared and tested SMhack against other social media management software, they knew that SMhack was the one they had been looking for. Though the other software had plenty of features to offer, SMhack made it up with its user-friendly and intuitive web interface.

“Unlike the tools that I tried before, SMhack is visually easy to understand and interpret. I do not have to think twice before clicking a button or choosing an option from the menu.”

No matter how big a company you are, if you cannot offer good customer experience, then it is a disappointment. SMhack’s customer support team was always available to offer a solution to an issue with the tool. That’s the mark of a good business.

Brandy Baker, Social Media Specialist Spin Modern

Spin Modern did not have to struggle through the manual compilation of content to be sent to the client. They saw it was easier to bring the client on board and approve the calendar right from within SMhack. They did not have to worry about the cost of bringing extra users on board either because SMhack’s pricing offered unlimited free users across all plans.

Another factor that made Spin Modern stay with SMhack was the Competition feature. Though they started exploring it after weeks of using SMhack, they saw what they had been missing out on. The feature showed them how they stood against their competitors and how their clients performed in the competition landscape. With insights gained from this feature, they were able to fine-tune their marketing strategy to perform better.

What stood out for Brandy was the customer service—it was a personalized experience.


When asked about the features that they couldn’t do without, Spin Modern found that it is was highly important and necessary for them to access all their clients from one place. SMhack’s client drop-down made it easy for them to manage their clients. Another useful feature is the Calendar. This feature gave them a unified view of all the content that is being published across different social channels in one unified view.


With the help of SMhack and constantly revisiting and building new strategies, Spin Modern has been growing to new heights. They now manage over 25 profiles using SMhack. They have won and retained bigger clients, built client loyalty, and have been able to successfully grow followers for their clients.


“Is that even a question?” laughs Brandy, “I would gladly recommend SMhack!”

We wanted to know what would make Spin Modern recommend us to friends and peers and we were delighted when we heard what they had to say.

It is important for an agency to know how they are performing against their competition. The social media management software doesn’t fail to delight users with their prompt customer support. These are two of the many features that Spin Modern loved about SMhack.

“Isn’t it true then that users pay for the experience more than they do for the product?” finished Brandy.

And, yes, we agree!

Go Ahead. Take SMhack For A Spin.