How Awe Creative Found a Scalable
Social Media Management Software
in SMhack

About the Company

Awe Creative is a true full-service marketing, design, and content agency for the AV, IT, and Broadcast industries. They offer a range of services including marketing strategy, PR and editorial content, and social media and event management. Awe Creative’s management team has a combined experience of 30 years in content and marketing across print, digital, and events. They work across the UK with employees based out of London and the southeast and northern England.

Awe Creative’s Objective

Awe Creative’s objective is to become the leading go-to company for marketing, design, and content creation across AV, IT, and Broadcast. As an agency, it was necessary that they establish themselves as the thought leader in the respective market sectors.

They knew that social media was a faster way to reach out to prospects and build brand awareness. But it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Each social channel worked differently with target audience coming alive at different times. They needed to find a social media hack.

“Awe Creative believes that social media is an essential tool in the marketing bag. It wasn’t just for the obvious—growing brand awareness, boosting website traffic, and increasing followers but also for the hidden benefits of saying ‘This is what we stand for,’” says Lee

The Showdown

Awe Creative, just like every other company, had explored some of the social media management tools such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Buffer. Most of them were an overkill. Features clamored for space, making the user interface difficult and a sore to the eyes. For an agency that needed to stay lean and grow quickly, these social media management tools could not scale the way they wanted them to.

Jo - The director of Awe Creative, adds, “We were starting with a clean slate—a new company, a new start. We always knew we needed a social media management tool. We just needed to find the perfect product at the right price.”

However, they identified three key reasons for moving away from these tools:

  • The pricing was too high.
  • There were a lot of features they didn’t need.
  • The tools were not flexible enough to accommodate future growth.

I came across SMhack when I was searching on Google for social media management tools for agencies. Knowing well how the other tools worked, I saw how the features, minimalist user interface, and a straightforward pricing model stood out. We decided to trial the product right away!

Jo Ruddock, Director AWE Creative

Right Features

Having tried other social media management tools, they found that SMhack is simple to use. The software was not cluttered with too many elements.

This meant that when new users were added to the tool, they did not have to struggle to familiarise themselves with the tool. “SMhack is clean and intuitive. We were up and about in no time,” quips Jo.

Awe Creative-SMhack Relationship

Awe Creative saw that the Smart Queue feature was a great time saver. It allowed them to pre-determine the times when you want to publish across each social profile. After this, it was as simple as clicking the queue button each time you add a new post. This saved Awe Creative, on an average, 20 minutes per week for each client.

The queue feature, when combined with library and calendar features, made it easy for them to publish content.

“We have over 10 clients. So you can do the math and see how much time SMhack saved for us over a month.” finished Jo.

Scalable Pricing

Every agency works with multiple clients or multiple social profiles. To be able to handle all of it by one is a mammoth task. Awe Creative was no different. Most of the tools they explored were priced based not only on the number of profiles but also on the number of users. SMhack’s pricing was unlike the other tools—there was no cap on the number of users.

“SMhack’s pricing model is perfect for any agency”, exclaims Lee.

SMhack's pricing model is perfect for any agency

Lee Moss, Director of full-service marketing AWE Creative

Quick Customer Support

For any new company, one of the key experiences they look for is quick help from the support team. With SMhack, they did not have to wait to get their questions answered or their issues resolved.

Lee Moss recalls, “We once had a few issues with the LinkedIn integration which the technical support attended to quickly. In fact, the support team followed up a few days later to make sure everything was working fine.”

And so, with SMhack’s smart queue and scheduling features, Awe Creative found an easy and simple way to manage social media content for all their clients. It’s pricing model makes it affordable for small businesses and agencies, making SMhack a scalable social media management software.

Go Ahead. Take SMhack For A Spin.