Looking for a complete social media management software? Find out the reasons why you need to choose SMhack over Hootsuite to scale your social strategy

SMhack vs Hootsuite: SMhack is easy to use

“Stream” line your social media by graduating to Social Inbox Frustrating, cluttered and clunky. These are not the adjectives one uses to describe a solution. Social media managers have enough challenges already without "streams" adding to the chaos. You shouldn’t encounter a complex interface which gets overwhelming every time you need to work. SMhack takes you to a friendly territory that looks just like your email inbox. It is simple and so easy to use that you feel at home immediately. We make it easy for you so that you become more productive at work

SMhack vs Hootsuite: SMhack gives you detailed analytics

Detailed analytics We don’t keep score, so you don’t have to worry about earning points to unlock reports. You don’t have to pay extra just to get a few detailed reports if you are a paying user. We like to make it really simple for you. If you are a paying user, you get access to our detailed reports. This helps to analyze your social strategy to the fullest by not burdening you with earning brownie points.

Comparsion With Hootsuite Till Now

  • Steam line

  • Detailed analytics

SMhack vs Hootsuite: SMhack is affordable

Team members at no additional charge A social strategy is successful only when all its team members are on the same page or rather the same platform. You don’t have to think twice to add a crew member aboard SMhack. SMhack is charged only based on the number of social profiles. There is no limit on the number of users. It is all part of making your social experience simpler. So don’t hesitate to add your team members. The more, the merrier.

SMhack vs Hootsuite: SMhack has better Slack integration

Integrate with Slack For social media managers who use Slack, we’ve got you covered. SMhack has Slack integration that automatically sends all the social media updates to a dedicated Slack channel. Not only this, you can even respond to incoming social media posts from Slack itself.