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What Do Social Media Agencies Do?

Social media has taken over the world of the internet, driving companies to focus on marketing themselves through various social channels. Everyone has begun to acknowledge the importance of a social presence. Companies have begun to invest time, effort, and money in social media marketing. This has given way to plenty of social media marketing opportunities and a boom in social media agencies.

Social media agencies came into existence with the sole promise of doing the heavy lifting of social media marketing on behalf of businesses and brands. But what does this “heavy lifting” entail? What do social media agencies do? Are they worth investing in? Read on to find out for yourself.

What do social media agencies do

Social media agencies take over most of the social media marketing responsibilities of a company. However, it is not often that you come across social media agencies that offer all the solutions your business needs. They branch out into many service offerings or categories that include the following:

Social Media Publishing

The social media agency will handle all (if not, most) of your business’ social media publishing activities. The agency and the business will usually agree on a set number of posts for each social channel. They will then research and analyze popular social media content across the industry your business belongs to. They will then come up with a content calendar around those topics. Most often, a good social media software can help you accomplish this.

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Social Media Audit

The agency will analyze your business’ social media presence and identify the areas that need to be focused on. They will then suggest ways to fix issues in the existing strategy or come up with a distinctive social media marketing strategy specific to your business and industry. Alternatively, there are social media reporting software that also come in handy for such analysis.

SMhack- Social Media Audit

Basically Social Media Audit gives you a detailed report on your social media profile success and failures. It also helps to uncover the business strength and weakness which will be essential as a part of growth.

Here is a quick glance at what does social media agencies basically follows while doing an audit.

Analyzing each of social networks is a very important part of the social media audit process. They analyze the engagement rate of each social media profile and also the traffic it is driving. They focus most on:

  • Reach and Impressions
  • Followers
  • Engagement (through likes, comments, share, and tagging, etc.)
  • High performing post
  • Low performing post
  • The social media agencies also focus on which type of content has performed well i.e. video, image or text.
  • Analyze the overall sentiment of user’s comments.
  • Also, they consider the amount of traffic and leads coming from different platforms.

Competitor Analysis

Agencies also offer in-depth analysis on your competition landscape. This information is highly useful to brands to know how their competitors are performing. They also shed light on how a business is doing against its competition. Apart from this, businesses can learn from its competitor’s failure and success with campaigns. With agencies providing these details business can create fail-proof campaigns for their brands. Just like for other services, there are social media competitor reporting software that provide these details.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media agencies offer creation and building of innovative ways for a business to crack into social media channels. They first run an audit of the existing social media presence and strategies, learn about the business’ competition, and then come up with a clear strategy. They list out the type of content and the publishing frequency fit for the business/industry. They define the metrics and social media spend to ensure a positive ROI.

Create Social Media Policy

Each company has its own privacy policy and terms of use of its products and online assets. Similarly, a social media policy outlines how an organization or its employees should conduct themselves on social media. This helps a business to protect its online reputation and also ensures that employees share content online responsibly.


Hence every company needs to have a social media policy in place. And a social media agency helps in creating one as part of its service offering. Here are a couple of examples of companies with great social media policies.

Create Social Profiles

Each social channel works differently and not all of them work equally well for all businesses. For instance, Instagram works best for makeup brands. A social media agency studies the industry a business belongs to and identifies the social channels best suited for the business. It creates completed and enhanced profiles for businesses that customers can connect and engage with.


Social Customer Support

Delivering a ‘wow’ customer experience can get customers talking about a company. Social customer care is the latest kind of marketing. When a company handles customer service through social channels, it amplifies its brand’s social presence. Social media agencies offer to provide social customer support as one of their services. It is important to understand that whatever happens on social media, the world sees it. People can see how a company responds and if done right, the company gets a lot of positive attention. Hence, this is a highly important service that any social media agency can offer.


Social Engagement

Social media can be a noisy place to get a company’s brand awareness out. To run an engaging social profile can be overwhelming for most companies. A social media agency can help companies manage the responses that they get on different social profiles. There will be more than one company that social media agencies handle and many more profiles on a daily basis. Most often, social media agencies use a social media engagement software to handle all the buzz for its clients.

Social Engagement

Social Media Campaigns

Social media agencies help companies or businesses run social media campaigns or social media paid ads.

Social Media Campaigns

Running social media campaigns is not the same as running social profiles. While posting content on social profiles is done to keep an active and engaging presence, social media campaigns are run with a specific purpose or objective. This can be anything from building brand awareness, increasing followers, or improving leads for the business. As mentioned earlier, social media can be a noisy place. To effectively run a campaign, it is best to have the in-house expertise or outsource it to a social media agency.

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization

A survey by Econsultancy shows that 82% of social media agencies have social media integrated into their SEO strategy for their clients. Though Google said that it does not factor in social signals in search ranking, social media agencies continue to stress the importance of social signals. This is because content that gets shared on social channels tend to pick up links or get high engagement. These factors affect the way a profile or company is ranked on search engines. Social media agencies thus offer search engine optimization as one of their services.

Final Thoughts

As social media is constantly evolving, there are plenty of standalone services that social media agencies do and offer. If you have hired a social media agency, how was your experience? If you are a social media agency, how do you work with your clients? Is there a service that has been left out? Drop them as comments; let’s keep the social conversation going.