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23 Amazing Twitter Analytics And Management Tools


With so many social networks out there, Twitter is still one of the most effective channels to get important results. But the platform itself is not enough. Choosing among the many tools available can be a pain, but with the help of this guide, you will be able to find what you need.
Here are 23 Twitter analytics and management tools you can use to boost your productivity and improve your social media audience (sorted in no particular order).


SMhack is a social media management tool that lets you manage and report on your Twitter (and other social) profile. You can post, schedule, or queue tweets saving you a lot of time. Based on the engagement on your profile, it suggests the best times to tweet. It also allows you to download ready-to-present reports and even white label them as your own. Here’s a quick look at what the reports look like.


2. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a powerful Twitter analytics platform, partially free, that shows the follower-following relationship, the most effective time to post, the users who have interacted more with your account and much more.
It offers interesting graphics, ideal for presentations. Their free service is very robust, and you will be impressed by the features available and the diverse ways of analysis it offers.



3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is probably the most effective tool to manage a Twitter profile like a professional. You can download it to your PC or Mac, but also use it as a Chrome add-on: you can build custom feeds of news, monitor your account and check your trends, using filters and programming your tweets.


Some of its features are similar to HootSuite, regarding creating columns to manage your Twitter account, as well as the option to send messages using their service which redirects your followers to the rest of your tweets.
The interface is user-friendly, but you might prefer a browser-based application, instead of software you need to install on your computer.

4. Klear

Klear (formerly known as Twtrland) is easy to understand social media tool.
In addition to Twitter, it also integrates the analysis of Facebook and Instagram (Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social networks are likely to be added in future ).

What are the most influential users in a certain area?
From which cities are your followers following you?

Klear is a useful Twitter analytics tool for creating a detailed analysis of your followers (although you need an upgrade to access most interesting features).



5. Klout

Klout is a free platform that measures and evaluates your reputation and influence online. In other words, it gives the ability to users to create content and engage on their network of contacts. Klout analyzes millions of data daily and through its sophisticated algorithm, identifies who are the best influencers. The score that Klout assigns to each user takes into account more than 400 variables, including the main actions on social media (likes, shares, comments et al)

Here are the key points of the Klout Score:

Network Impact: the ability to influence the network of your contacts
True Reach: the number of people you influence
Amplification: it corresponds to the percentage of influence of your contacts

Klout score is probably one of the most controversial social media topics. There are many who hate it, declaring that the scoring system is inaccurate, while some others find it useful, as a way to find influencers based on specific topics.
Our Klout score is 50. What’s yours?



6. RiteTag

Ritetag allows you to schedule tweets, but also monitor the performance of hashtags, tweeting at specific times the same content with different tags, or monitoring the overall progress of the chosen keywords. You may set trend alerts, so to monitor any tweets about your keyword and get an email notification when this happens.


Hashtags are the frosting on the cake, and this tool helps you refining your ability to use them, extending your social reach and developing your brand.
It’s fully integrated withTweetDeck and it’s also available for Google Plus and Facebook.

7. Tweriod

If you have a particular interest and a strong eagerness to precisely understand in which moment it is advisable to tweet and what, Tweriod is the answer (although this feature is also present in other tools, such as Twitonomy).


It tells you the best time to send your updates, by analyzing both your activities and your followers’ tweets, so to improve your social media reach.

8. SocialBro

SocialBro is probably one of the most interesting platforms and Twitter analytics tool for professionals that let you visualize your profile in a variety of ways.


It analyzes your account and your followers in detail, without forgetting to include also your competitor accounts.
Features include statistics, insights, best times to tweet, increase of engagement towards the users, follow back and unfollow and option to import the database via e-mail.
There’s a free version for Twitter users with fewer than 5,000 contacts (paid plans grant extra features like expanded analytics).
Try it!

9. VisibleTweets

Visibletweets displays the tweets with a specific keyword of your choice or a given user. That’s a service that can make the Twitter posts very special, by creating a true real-time presentation, even in full screen.
Among its main features:
It allows you to create slideshows using any keyword
Tweets are shown with animations: clouds of words (tag cloud), rotations or appearance of a letter at a time
The background color changes every time a new tweet is displayed
To see the stream of live tweeting at full screen, just move the mouse to the bottom right and click “full screen”.

10. Keyhole

Hashtag, keywords, and even web addresses will no longer hide on Twitter, thanks to KeyHole.
But also, the sites that use a specific keyword, with impressions, reach, amount of shares will be divided by time periods and reports can be downloaded in xls.


For monitoring twitter analytics such as hashtag campaigns, this platform is an effective way to help you sort the popularity of your hashtag, used as a brand (or any other hashtag you want to check).
A crazy tool!

11. Hashtagify

In the free version of Hashtagify, you can receive the alert for any hashtag saved. The premium version is very interesting for those who want to track a specific hashtag campaign. It is simple to check competitors and influencers, improving your social media marketing results.
A sort of Google Alerts for Twitter queries.


Don’t you know what a hashtag means? Then search and understanding it with the help of Tagdef, a tool that presents the hashtag explanation (sometimes obscure) and related hashtags.

You can suggest your definitions. It’s available in many languages.

12. Riffle

Riffle is a browser based add-on for Twitter analytics . It displays in a rapid series several useful information on any Twitter account: statistics, links, and most used hashtag.


With lots of add-on for Chrome, Riffle intrigues me because of the extended analysis in real time that you can do for each user, based on retweets, favorites, most used hashtags, favorite URLs, number of tweets per day and Klout score.
This tool provides an identity card for each Twitter account. If you are looking for influencers that will help you increase the reach of your tweets, Riffle is the quick and convenient way to obtain the right information.

13. Driplr

Among the Twitter tools, it’s also worth to report Driplr, an App for iOS that allows you to organize your timeline by user, date, mentions and more.
We all know what it means to have a timeline full of useless and uninteresting messages and how easy it is to lose the most important tweets.
This app introduces some interesting new features, including: automatic update of the timeline, even when not using the app scan of the bottom-up timeline, from oldest to most recent scan of timeline via face-detection
timeline by user or period, a new way of reading your tweets
Use Driplr to never miss a tweet and focus your attention on what is worth your attention.

14. is a free Twitter analytics tool that lets you analyze important stats about any Twitter user, like arguments, statistics and positive or negative attitudes on Twitter.


One of the most popular features is the hashtags and mentions analysis.
Give it a spin right now!

15. Twazzup

Twazzup is a spartan Twitter analytics tool but has features that others do not have.
In fact, it identifies influencers, keywords related to hashtags and number of tweets per hour for each hashtag.
It also monitors your keywords in tweets. It will categorize your results by link popularity, contributors, tagging clouds, and users.


A particular feature, worthy of mention, is the avatar mouse-overs that offers information about that user’s relevant tweets.

16. TweetReach

TweetReach is a Twitter analytics tool that estimates the reach of a term (or tweet) on Twitter, the most influential users on that subject and the exposure of that topic.


Enter a specific keyword or username, and TweetReach will give you a report with charts, graphs, and analytics data.
Particularly suggested when you need to track your username or brand mentions in your industry.

17. TweetBinder

In the free version of TweetBinder, you can monitor up to 2000 tweets based on specific hashtags or categories (so-called binders), while taking advantage of Twitter analytics  such as reach, links, and timing hashtags.
In addition to getting tweet data, you can leverage the platform’s binder feature to filter content.

With this option, you can enter any hashtags or text to a specified binder. As a result, any tweets including the specific term will automatically be tagged with the name of that binder.

18. Twubs

Like the previously mentioned Twitter analytics tool, Twubs monitors all the tweets on a particular hashtag.


The function of this tool, however, is to act almost like live chat on a specific hashtag. If the hashtag is spreading too quickly, you can pause so not to miss a tweet.


Speaking one more time of a real time chat on Twitter, does just that, perhaps in an even clearer and more immediate way than Twubs.


It offers every functionality that you need to get the most out of an active hashtag discussion. With a user-friendly and clean interface, you can retweet, favorite or reply to any individual tweet.

20. makes things already seen: Twitter analytics for hashtags. But with an interesting graph, it shows the number of tweets and their hourly distribution.
This original and interesting tool lets you find (if you are lucky, as declared in the site) information on users and trends using precisely the hashtag.
Just enter any keyword in the string that you want to track and that’s it.
The system will show you a trend graph for that specific word and the information concerning users, tweets, and the timeline.

Hashtags is also available in the paid Pro version, to gather more data (from $49 to $349 per month). Knowing the statistics of specific hashtags is not only useful when deciding to schedule traditional tweets, but also to manage a Twitter Ads campaign to take advantage of the best times.

21. Twitalyzer

With Twitalyzer, you can investigate Twitter analytics of any Twitter account with trend graphs to understand the oscillation of followers, Klout score and influence impact.


This incredible tool can help you measure the popularity and velocity of your Twitter account.
Data are exportable.

22. SocialMention

Social Mention is a search engine specialized on social media.
It looks for user-generated content, based on articles on blogs, comments, news, events, images, videos and audio files. The aggregated results from various sources of social media can be obtained using Social Mention.
Thanks to Social Mention, you can receive personalized warnings directly to your email based on topics of your interest (companies, brands, celebrities, competitors, etc.).


With a simple and intuitive dashboard, this tool can monitor more than one hundred social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.
Social Mention is a valuable resource for both companies and social media professionals, that can track the online conversations about brands or other specific keywords.
Do a research right now based on your name or business brand and find out who is mentioning you.

23. MentionMapp

MentionMapp creates a dynamic map of your Twitter users and hashtags, showing connections and relationships.
It’s a great tool to look for relevant users by letting you find who are the most active ones interacting with you.


The interactive map lets you zoom in and out, investigating on a username or hashtag. Very interesting!

Bonus: Twitrcovers

Twitrcovers offers no particular analysis or statistics, but you can find a series of covers and effective backgrounds, useful to personalize your profile.


You can search the cover images by category. A tool to consider, to save time searching for an attractive image for your Twitter header.

Are you using any of these Twitter analytics tools mentioned above? Did I miss any important tool? Let us discuss them in the comments section.