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Complete Twitter Analytics for Business

Twitter may be old, but it is definitely going strong! As of Q2 2017, Twitter enjoys 328 Million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) worldwide. Such a vast user-base presents enormous potential for businesses to market their brand.

Now, is your brand doing well on Twitter? Are you leveraging the power of Twitter to constantly engage with your audience, and stay relevant? Is your Twitter marketing strategy on point? How do you know? The answer is, of course, analytics! Your brand’s engagement with your audience has to be analyzed carefully to understand how well your Twitter marketing strategy is working. Therefore we, at SMhack, give you a complete guide to Twitter analytics: what metrics you should be tracking, and what tools to use for analyzing those metrics.


It is all about the math! Details such as how many people constitute your audience, their age, gender, geographical location, online purchasing behavior, the times they come online, etc. inform you to develop a suitable marketing strategy. You need to know as much about your audience as you can in order to provide content that engages them the most. How they respond to your posts directly reflects their opinion of your content; this is a valuable insight for crafting your content accordingly. Analyzing audience behavior is important for any advertising campaign and fruitful ROI.

To do all of this, you need to know your metrics: what they are, how many are available, and which ones you should be targeting. Even the most insignificant metric can prove useful in marketing. Take no chances; analyze everything!

Metrics for Twitter can be grouped into two categories: Content metrics and Audience metrics.
Let’s discuss the metrics under each group:


twitter analytics metrics




twitter analytics metrics
You will now have a good understanding of the metrics. The next step is to look at what tools are available for you to get started on your analytics!



This one is a free tool, courtesy of Twitter. Gain insights on all the important aspects of your Twitter profile. The Account Home feature shows you a monthly overview of all the activity related to your handle. The Tweet Activity Dashboard gives you a more detailed, broken-down report of each tweet and its performance, and other specifics relevant to each tweet(these include profile clicks, link clicks, replies and retweets). The Audience Insights feature studies your followers and their growth, activity, and demographics; the tool also allows you to compare audiences. Get stats on a particular type of audience by adding the relevant filters such as gender, location, income, etc.,

Twitter analytics


Another exciting feature is the Campaign Dashboard, through which you can track the performance of your Twitter Ads.

The Events tab gives information on what events and topics are trending around the world. By applying the right filters, you can zero in on the topics that are relevant to your field, and share them on your feed. This way, you can reach your target audience, and keep them interested in your content.

twitter analytics




If you are a social media manager, then a software that comes with separate features for cross-channel engagement, analytics, content scheduling and management, and competitor tracking, is the answer to all your prayers. Which is what our software, SMhack is all about! And if you want Twitter analytics in particular, SMhack can give you that too! Sign up for a 30-day trial to try their Twitter analytics. On their software, analyze your own Twitter profile, and run competitor analytics against your rivals. The analytics gives you access to
Follower growth report

New follower report
Engagement report – Own profile:

Engagement report – Competitor:

smhack competitor analytics
Tweet report

smhack tweet report
Hashtag performance report

Media type report
Tweet report by day



These can be viewed both for your own profile, as well as competitor profiles. See stats for any time period of your choice, by simply selecting the dates, through the Calendar icon. And what is more, you can download these reports as white-label reports, which you can reuse as your own elsewhere.


This is a software dedicated to comprehensive Twitter analytics. Using their free tool, you can run analytics for your own handle, or for a different handle, or even a hashtag. The report for an account analytics carries details of everything from tweet analytics to audience and hashtag analytics. There is even an option to tweet to your account right from your Twitonomy profile. Get insights into the performance of other users and their tweet activity on Twitonomy.




Tweetreach is a tool for Twitter analytics from Union Metrics. On the free account, you can ask for an unlimited number of snapshot reports. These are reports that analyze up to 100 tweets, published over the past few days. You can search for hashtags or unique accounts or keywords, and get ready access to their snapshot report. A snapshot report gives you the following information:
Estimated reach
Tweet activity
Tweet type
Top contributors
Top tweets
Contributors list
Tweets timeline

This is a TweetReach snapshot report on the Twitter handle of TweetReach:






Simply Measured offers a range of analytics services, for different social media channels. Among their free tools, there are two available for Twitter. One is for free Twitter follower reports, the other for customer service analysis.

The follower report gives you analytics of your audience: a complete follower list, their location, influence, and interests. Up to 10,000 followers can be analyzed using this tool. The account must be a public account in order to be analyzed. The report(daily) is mailed to the account with which you signed up.




This is a software exclusively for tweet analytics. Detailed statistics including tweets per hour, tweets per year, and reply rate, are given to you in the form of graphs. But that is not all! You can also view the statistics on followers, plus the tweet cloud for whichever account you are using for the purpose.

I ran TweetStats for Twitter’s own Twitter account; you can see extracts from the report below:

By clicking on any month, you can view the stats for that particular month. Here are Twitter’s stats for June 2017:


So there you go!  We discussed Twitter analytics in detail, and also saw six great tools you can try for the purpose.  But there are also many software which offer Twitter analytics, besides a range of other services.  You can try those too!