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Top 7 Mistakes Social Media Managers Should Not Be Doing

Lessons Learnt From Superheroes 

Nearly 74% of the consumers depend on social media to make those final purchasing decisions. 55% of these consumers even post on social media about their purchases. Social media managers have their task cut out to get the word out there on their brands. There are several strategies that a social media manager can employ in his work. Learning these hacks will serve him well. What’s equally important is what not to do as a social media manager of a brand. We are going to look into that by taking a deep dive through DC Extended Universe’s (DCEU) latest offering: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Social Media Mistake #1: Having no proper social media strategy

Don’t just throw stuff at your audience and see what sticks. As a social media manager, you need to have your goals set and have a SMART plan to execute it. The goals could be anything from getting more followers (organically), engaging your audience or educating them better about your product. Formulate an approach to let your audience ease into your storyline instead of just randomly popping up superheroes like Batman and Wonder Woman without giving any hint of who they are and what they stand for.

not having a social media plan

Not Having a Social Media Plan

Social Media Mistake #2: Getting greedy and creating too many profiles

There are just too many social media platforms out there. Having a presence in all of them can lead to your downfall as you need to be communicating consistently through these channels. Idle channels can come across as negligent to your audiences in which case the brand image takes a hit.

Based on these numbers, identify which platforms your audience flocks to and consolidate your presence there. You can start with your presence on

Facebook and Twitter

and get the basics right initially. Don’t just go the ‘Dawn of Justice’ way which being just the second movie from DCEU introduced six important characters (Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash) leaving the audience high and dry.  

Social Media Mistake #3: Not focussing on your brand’s strength

Successive and consistent campaigns create a brand image. . Every campaign should try to reinforce what the brand stands for. This is important to build a brand following and helps to bring sustained traffic back to your platform. Occasional newsjacking can be done to get that spike in engagement, but essentially your campaign needs to back your strengths. If your strength is on social media strategies, then stick to it. You may wander off writing about interesting news on social media and get good results, but that should not become a practice. Just like you shouldn’t be resting on the applause that Wonder Woman got even though the entire movie was based on Batman and Superman. To its credit, by far the best scene in the movie.


Social Media Mistake #4: Misreading a trend

If you are starting out with having a social media presence, then you cannot make the mistake of assuming that the audience already knows about you. This can seriously backfire. Your belief could be backed up by the fact that you were a late entrant into the marketplace. Nevertheless, your prospects always want you to make them feel welcome through your campaigns. In the current scenario where we are fed two Marvel superhero movies per year, it is natural to assume that the audience would have done their homework. But, DCEU is a completely different landscape which has just started to get a makeover and Zack should’ve known better. If Lex has made it his mission to destroy Superman, then let the audience in on that secret. Sprinkling a few philosophical lines through the narrative without trying to explore the characters involved indeed backfired.

Social Media Mistake #5: Using shortcuts

Metropolis wasn’t built in a day. Building a robust social media presence takes a lot of time. Social media managers have to be constantly in touch with a variety of topics ranging from their product, the industry, current affairs to pop-culture fads so that they can leverage them to reach out. This is serious business. There is no place for shortcuts here like buying followers or pay-for-a-tweet tactic which do not affect the brand in any way. A little thought into your campaigns can go a long way in getting the right traction from the audience instead of taking the easy way out and using the safe word “Martha”.


Social Media Mistake #6: Copying your competition

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that DCEU is up against MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)  which apparently is having a dream run at the box office. In its bid to stall MCU’s big march towards an infinite war, DCEU is releasing most of its movies by 2019. Looking at your competitor’s strategy is important but blindly adopting it is foolhardy. Focus should be on building a base correctly with a determined set of users who vouch for your brand. Identify your niche offering and then leverage this with your TG. Remember that sometimes you are playing catch up and when this happens, it’s better to stick to your guns.


Social Media Mistake #7: Overhype and under-deliver

Under-deliver or not is for the audience to decide but putting everything out there without investing time in strengthening your grassroots is just wrong.

Promoting campaigns

in social media channels can cost you a lot.

The challenge

here is to identify the correct ways to target your audience in different social networking channels so as to leverage engagement. Don’t just go and paint the sky in your colors just to get the word out. Have a plan to engage the right people.

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Well, that’s our list of things that should not be done by a social media manager that can be learnt from, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s a lot frustrating when a movie you’ve been waiting for more than two years turns out to be quite a ‘Yawn’. That said, if you agree with our list, make sure you tell us that in the comments section below. If you don’t, you’re more than welcome to bash us there. You can even tweet to

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