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Top 9 Instagram Analytics Tools to Use in 2017

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This is the age of online advertising, what with the ever-growing popularity of social channels. Being among the most visual of these social channels, Instagram offers a lot of scope for businesses to market their brands. But to market on Instagram is not just to put content out there and pray for it to work. You need to build your marketing strategy based on data that measure your efforts. Good analytics helps you identify areas of weaknesses so that you can work on fixing it.

For any good marketing strategy, you need to understand the social channel first—what are its advantages and limitations. You need to study your audience and their behaviour. You need to analyze what content works and what doesn’t, which is why you need analytics. It helps you plan systematically and eliminate guesswork. Let’s start by understanding which metrics to focus on with the help of this complete guide to Instagram analytics.


There are a number of metrics you can track on Instagram. You can categorize them on the basis of profile, audience, and your posts.








Some of these tools are free, while some others are paid, but offer a free trial version.

Let’s take a look at some of these tools, starting first with the free one:


This analytics tool offered by Instagram is free to use. This can be accessed by business profiles on Instagram. If your Facebook profile is not a business profile, you must first convert it into one. Once that is done, you are free to view Insights. These insights include the number of profile views, website clicks, the engagement for your posts, and the number of exits for stories.
This image shows you some common metrics you can access through Instagram Insights:



You can view these Insights on your mobile. Still unclear as to how the tool works? You can watch this video to understand better.


‘SMhack is a social media management software with many exciting features, and Instagram analytics is included in their package. Sign up for the two-week free trial version, and you are privy to information on:
Total content performance: get separate reports on media summary, interaction summary, and rate of interaction
Comprehensive hashtag analytics: get reports comparing performance of different hashtags, reports of hashtag by media type, and hashtag heat map report to suggest optimal time for posting
Engagement reports: get reports on Top posts by engagement, Like engagement , and Comment engagement

Here is a report on Interaction for posts, based on type of media:


Another one on the performance of different hashtags:


A report on top posts by engagement:

But that is not all! The reports you receive on SMhack are available in the form of white-label reports. You can download and use them as your own, for whatever purpose.


Simply Measured is fully given over to social media analytics for different platforms. They offer a number of free tools, among which is one for Instagram analytics. This analytics is limited to profiles with 25,000 followers or less. Type in details of whichever Instagram account you want to be analyzed, and authenticate using any Instagram account. Simply Measured asks for details of email address and your audience reach range. In exchange for the report, you are asked to follow their Twitter handle. Within a short while, they email you a comprehensive report of your analyzed Instagram account. You can access the following information from their report:

  • An account overview report
  • Detailed report on Instagram activity – engagement growth rate
  • Top post
  • Top keyword
  • Top follower
  • Optimal day and time for engagement
  • Top tags – photo/video
  • Top location names
  • An overall scorecard of the account performance
  • A list of top posts sorted by engagement

Measure the performance and reach of your brand’s hashtag campaign with their reports:



For such detailed analytics, you can register for a paid plan. On the free trial, you get a report with the metrics discussed earlier; here are excerpts from a report on Simply Measured’s Instagram account:

simplymeasured-instagram simplymeassuredreport

The report analyzes data for the last two months from the present date. You can download your report as an Excel sheet. There is also a 30-day trial version that you can sign up for.


Keyhole offers a free preview tool for checking your Instagram account performance. On their website, you will find a tracker option, using which you can get some basic analytics for your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

You can track real-time performance of your hashtags, account, keywords, mention, and URL. You only have to enter the required details for Keyhole to draw up reports.

Here are the metrics analyzed for the hashtag: #food. The engagement growth for that hashtag is seen in the form of a graph. You can view cumulative engagement, as well as hourly engagement for that particular hashtag.

The free tool also shows top hashtags based on performance, reports of follower growth, and optimal time for posting. However, you can access these reports only by saving the tracker. This requires a sign up that allows you to enjoy a 3-day free trial program.


Another analytics software, Locowise offers free trials, including one for Instagram analytics. You can get custom client reports or opt for their automated reports through social auditing option. The 7-day trial for the custom client reporting requires a quick signup process. The next step is to sign in with any social media account that you may have—Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Next, Locowise asks you for a brand that you want to have analyzed. This can be the brand name or URL. You can analyze up to 20 profiles.

Locowise offers options of adding Google Analytics and Facebook ads to your account for more in-depth analytics. Now you are good to start tracking! You can track single profiles for reports or you can run the profile against others for comparison reports. You can view the performance of the selected profile in real-time on the Live Dashboard.

There is even the option to run hashtags for analytics:



Here is an excerpt from a report on #photography(on Instagram):

Their hashtag analytics are comprehensive, and they come with filters such as demographics and engagement. Using these filters, you can view information specific to the chosen filter.

I selected Instagram’s own profile for the analytics. You can see the dashboard for Instagram:

The report-builder option runs analytics for one or more profiles, based on your choice. A single profile analytics for Instagram’s account showed comprehensive results, giving details of metrics including audience timelines, next post prediction, comments, breakdown of engagement, engagement growth, estimated reach and impressions (total/organic) and even a response wordcloud. You can set the duration for which you need analytics. This means you can view analytics for pretty much any time period. Here is a section of a multi-profile report for Instagram against Facebook:

There is also a Content Drilldown feature for reviewing content, to understand what works and what doesn’t. Their Benchmarker feature compares the performances of two Instagram accounts of your choice.


Head to Klear for their free Instagram analytics tool, giving analytics on any Instagram account. A key aspect of Klear’s tool is their influencer analysis, with which you can keep track of not just your own influence, but also that of your rivals.

Just enter the name of any profile you want analyzed(yours or other), and Klear gives you analytics of some basic metrics. This is a section of a report on Instagram’s own account, showing audience demographics:



On the paid version, you can get more information on the performance of all your content, including hashtag engagement, across different channels, or specific to Instagram:



On their free tool, you can view

  • The level of influence of selected profile
  • Level of engagement
  • True reach
  • Activity insights
  • Audience demographics
  • Top Content
  • Interests of followers

For more in-depth analytics, you have to upgrade to the paid version.


Iconosquare is a tool dedicated to Instagram Analytics. This is a freemium tool, with a free trial for 13 days. Under analytics, you can view the following:

  • Overall analytics
  • Community analytics
  • Content analytics
  • Engagement
  • Competitor analytics
  • Hashtag analytics

However, you cannot access analytics on profile activity, or reach, unless you upgrade.
The tool also offers some great extra features. They offer tracking services for comments and media. Another great feature is the addition of an Instagram tab to your Facebook page, which makes it easier for you to track engagement on both the sites simultaneously. You can keep track of influencers on their Influencer Index.

iconosquare-report iconosquare-analytics

You can view analytics for a hashtag, by adding whichever one you want:


Check out this performance report for #instagramforbusiness and #socialmediamarketing:

Through their Influencer Index option, you can track influencers relevant to your industry on Instagram. Track their performance, and get their profiles analyzed in detail, all on Iconosquare.


Union Metrics is known for their analytics for different social media channels, including Instagram. You can try their free Instagram account check up tool or sign up for their complete analytics service.

You can use their free tool to run a quick research on your account. The results offer some common metrics: the total number of posts, follower count, best time of day to post, who is your biggest fan, details of your top post, and details of your best hashtags. You can download the report as PDF onto your device.

This is a typical profile analysis from their free tool:

unionmetric-report unionmetric-report
View details of the hashtags you have used, and how they have performed.


For more in-depth analysis, you can subscribe to one of the different plans based on your budget. You can get detailed reports on your profile and its performance, as well as any public profile. Keep track of your competitor’s performance, compare your own against theirs, and improve your strategy with their incisive reports. They do detailed geographic reporting as well, and build advanced reports for Social Suite subscribers.


Intutel’s free tool allows you to check analytics for any Instagram profile of your choice. There is a 30-day trial option that you can sign up for, for more in-depth analytics from the free tool itself. You can view and download reports on:

  • Post trends
  • Top keywords
  • Post breakdown
  • Timeline analytics

You can save the dashboard for future reference. This is a section of a report on Instagram’s account:

These are some of the tools that we have suggested for you. You can try them out and decide which works best for your purpose. But don’t stop there; there are many social media management softwares that you can try. Some of these offer a package of services, including Instagram analytics.

We hope you found this article useful! If you have any suggestions for our list, do let us know in the comments section!