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Top 15 Client Reporting Tools for Marketing Agencies


As 2019 chugs to a close, it is time to look at the top client reporting utilities currently fueling business intelligence reporting for marketing agencies.

The implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has redefined how data is gathered and used online within the union. The law has left marketers worldwide, shifting uncomfortably in their seats and raises concerns about the efficacy of third-party data ad targeting, as agencies rethink their clients’ marketing strategies.

Imposing explicit laws on how businesses obtain and handle personal data online within the EU territory, the GDPR targets practices such as Dynamic Marketing, which allows businesses to set flexible service and product prices based on market demand trends and provides a perfect example of marketing tactics which will be result in heavy fines.

The GDPR outlaws and polices such strategies in the interest of protecting public privacy. It ensures that fair marketing practices are employed by all businesses, local or foreign, operating within the region. Businesses that acquire and utilize information in this territory by employing and deploying non-compliant protocols, face hefty fines if caught.

Despite the imposing presence of the “new sheriff in town,” for agencies and their clients, the need to translate online data into actionable information is still a front-and-center priority and creative strategic approaches will demand tip-top, agile and comprehensive reporting utilities to effectively respond to the legislation.

Here are 15 top client reporting tools, currently used by agencies.

  1. SMhackClient Reporting Tool SMhack
    Client Reporting Tools - Demograohics 

    SMhack comes with a rich set of reports for marketing agencies. You can add all your client’s social media profiles and organize them into groups. You will be able to create white-labelled reports for your clients across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Features : Reporting across multiple social profiles with in-depth reports, White Labelled Reports, Social media scheduling and more.PROs : The most cost effective reporting solution for marketing agencies. Flexible customer success team that helps you create the right reporting template for your client. White labelled reports for your clients.

    CONS: The reporting solution is only for social media profiles. However, they can add other reports quickly into the tool if it is critical for your client.


  2. MEGALYTICMegalytics Client Reporting Megalytics Client Reporting 2

Megalytic leads the pack with its feature-rich service offering. It lets users create fully-integrated, customized dashboards by importing data from various platforms such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook or spreadsheets.

Features: White label packages, branded cover sheets, AdWords PPC tracking, SEO metrics and more.

Pros: An extensive collection of user-friendly widgets allows honing reports to reflect client specific KPIs. Multiple drop-down menus facilitate easy navigation between clients and data sources within dashboards.

Cons: No telephonic support available. App is exclusively web-based and not supported by mobile platforms.


  1. TAPCLICKSTapclicks Reporting Tool1 Tapclicks Reporting Tool2

TapClicks provides cloud-based reporting solutions. With over 150 third-party integrations, it delivers analytics and management tools for elegant and efficient client reporting.

Features: API, ad hoc reporting, data filtering, drag and drop interface, third-party integration and more.

Pros: This user-friendly interface provides feature rich dashboards that are super customizable and easy to deploy.

Cons: Pricing is a quite steep and the utility is not supported on mobile devices.


  • Priced from: $250/month for a Basic package
  • 14-day trial version available for testing.
  1. AGENCYANALYTICSAgency Analytics Reporting Tool1 Agency Analytics Reporting Tool3

AgencyAnalytics provides SEO, PPC, social, email, review and call tracking dashboards with interactive visual analytics reporting.

Features: Scheduled reporting, user management, WYSIWYG report editor, client dashboards and much more.

Pros: Great templates available and the awesome Marketing Overview option gives comprehensive KPI insights. Drag and drop dashboard creation adds to the overall excellent usability of this app.

Cons: Delivery is exclusively web-based and not available for iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.



  1. KLIPFOLIOKlipfolio Reporting Tool1 Klipfolio Reporting Tool2 Klipfolio Reporting Tool 3

Klipfolio offers real-time data visualization of analytics on web browsers, mobile devices and TV monitors. Hassle-free connectors facilitate easy importing of data from numerous sources, both online and off-line.

Features: unlimited users, direct file upload from PC or network, secure connection to SQL databases, effective visualizations and many more.

Pros: The platform is user-friendly with excellent data source integration. It was a breeze to navigate, with flexible architecture and a variety of themes that provide slick data visualizations. Multi-platform delivery is available on web, iPhone and Android.

Cons: Windows Phone not supported.


  • Priced from: $29 – $199/month
  • 14-day trial version available for testing.
  1. DATABOXDatabox Reporting Tool1 Databox Reporting Tool2 Databox Reporting Tool3

Databox offers real-time business analytics reporting builds reports based on KPIs pulled from various data sources such as cloud services, spreadsheets, and databases.

Features: Daily scorecards, weekly summaries, mobile alerts, annotations and more.

Pros: The user-friendly interface is super-responsive and easy to navigate. Anywhere-anytime access to data is facilitated by Databox’s multi-platform delivery on web, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Cons: Databox is very hard to fault as the app really delivers in every area.


  • Priced from: $0 – $248/month
  • No trial software as free membership is available.


  1. RAVEN TOOLSRaventools Reporting Tool1 Raven Reporting Tool2 Raven Reporting Tools3

Raven Tools offer a WYSIWYG reporting platform with comprehensive SEO tools and White Label marketing reports.

Features: Comprehensive reports cover everything from site audits, keywords and competitor research, backlink analysis and link spy to PPC, social, email, and call tracking.

Pros: Multi-platform delivery for a web, Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone platform allows nifty on-the-go accessibility for busy marketers.

Cons: Only available on web.



  1. WORDSMITH FOR MARKETINGWordsmith Reporting Tool1 Wordsmith Reporting Tool2

Wordsmith for Marketing is created by Automated Insights and promises delivery of automated reports.

Features: White-labeled client reports spanning SEO, advertising, social media and content marketing.

Pros: A key feature is the use of natural language generation (NGL) which makes reports easy to digest even for non-technical users.

Cons: The website does not provide adequate information and potential users will have to request a demo to find out more and test the utility.


  • Priced from: $1000/month and includes up to 500 reports
  • Fee Structure: monthly subscription service.
  • No trial version available, but a demo can be requested.



  1. DATA HERODatahero Reporting Tool1 Datahero Reporting Tool2 Datahero Reporting Tool3 Datahero Reporting Tool4

Data Hero creates beautiful data visualizations with comprehensive integration across numerous data sources.

Pros: The platform offers drag-and-drop ease for creating your KPI dashboards and users can easily access and assimilate data from various platforms such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, Facebook Ads and more.

Cons: The app is not available on mobile devices.


  • Priced from: $49 – $99 per month
  • 14-day free trial available for testing the Team offer.



  1. DASH THISDashthis Reporting Tool1 Dashthis Reporting Tool2

DashThis is a web-based platform for digital marketing reporting.

Pros: Pre-built templates and preset widgets create reports for the most commonly used KPIs.

Cons: Navigation within the app is not great and requires some training to employ all features. There are no video tutorials on the site which will add to the novice’s frustration.


  • Priced from: $33 – $499 per month
  • 15-day free trial of the Professional package with access to 10 dashboards for the trial period.


  1. DASHEROODasheroo Reporting Tool1 Dasheroo Reporting Tool2 Dasheroo Reporting Tool3

Dasheroo is a great utility for almost any sized marketing operation.

Features: Metrics monitoring and reporting across various channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Instagram and other popular platforms.

Pros: Dasheroo offers excellent value for money with seamless integration and breezy navigation. Operating the app was easy and even a novice can create great looking reports in just a few minutes.

Cons: Customer support is limited to online knowledge base and video tutorials. Excluding features such as charting, report customization, labelling and monitoring allowed developer to simplify the delivery, although some marketers may be disappointed by this. Not available on mobile platforms.


  • Priced from: $9 – $69/ month
  • Free membership is available here.
  1. AMPLITUDEAmplitude Reporting Tool1 Amplitude Reporting Tool2 Amplitude Reporting Tool3

Amplitude provides comprehensive product analytics reporting for web and mobile.

Features: A/B testing, API, charting, conversion tracking, dashboards, real-time reporting, financial analysis and many others.

Pros: Excellent visualization and in-app navigation.

Cons: Integration offering is sparse, with only Optimizely and Slack provided for. Pricing is not available on the website.


  • Priced from: ±$900/month
  • Free subscription options offer limited features while pricing for Growth and Enterprise options is available on request.
  • Live demo available for testing.
  1. FUNNELFunnel Reporting Tool1 Funnel Reporting Tool2

Funnel gives small to large enterprises, automated marketing data collection with 405 data source integrations and allows for outputting reports to any destination they choose.

Pros: The application allows marketers to build a sophisticated reporting stack. It provides almost limitless data source connections and the user-interface is intuitive and elegant in delivery.

Cons: Subscriptions are pricey, and this is not well positioned for freelancers and small agencies.


  • Priced from: $499 – $999 per month
  • Free trial is available after you have booked a demo.



Kissmetrics is a web analytics solution geared toward optimizing marketing by helping marketers to understand customer behaviors.

Pros: Kissmetrics has an inexhaustible list of features and integrations but software is difficult to install, and the interface proves somewhat sluggish.

Cons: Deploying the vast array of tools offered will be challenging for even an intermediate user and setup can be quite lengthy.


  • Priced from: $500/month for up to 50 000 monthly tracked people.
  • Free trial available.


  1. SEMRUSHSemrush Reporting Tool1 Semrush Reporting Tool2 Semrush Reporting Tool3

With SEMrush marketers can optimize strategies across SEO, PPC, social media, content and PR disciplines. The toolkit provides digital marketing reporting from SEO and PPC to social media and online advertising research by processing vast amounts of SERP data.

Features: Backlink, keyword, paid traffic and competitor analysis plus rank audits are all included.

Pros: Provides a comprehensive overview of all key website KPIs.

Cons: Prone to crashing during high-volume data exports.


  • Priced from: $99 – $399/month
  • No trial version available for testing.


  1. GROWGrow Reporting Tool1

Grow BI Dashboards and Dashboard Software helps small and medium businesses to collect, assimilate and access data from multiple and diverse platforms and export it into comprehensive data visualizations and reports.

Features: Sources incorporate spreadsheets, databases and SaaS applications like QuickBooks.

Pros: The application is supported by web and iPhone platforms

Cons: Android and Window Phone platforms not supported.


  • Pricing is customized according to your organization’s needs.
  • Free trial available for testing.


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