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4 Tools That Help Social Media Agencies Stay Productive

It’s a given that being an in-house social media person for a business is a lot different from being a social media manager at an agency. Though the goal of achieving ROI and social buzz is the same for both these functions, the way you approach it from these two places is quite different.

In an agency you become a social media manager for more than just one brand. This means that you need to know the customer personas for each of these brands and none of them will be remotely similar. You’ll need different processes and longer decision-making time. The social media tools that a business uses will also vary from those needed to stay productive in an agency. And let’s not forget the number of social media accounts you will need to manage for each of your clients.

When choosing the right tools for your agency, you need to look for these important features.

You are an agency with one too many heads and hands involved in every project that you do. You need a tool that lets you collaborate as a team. It should allow for easy communication between team members (and in some cases, clients) so that nothing is lost in all noise of running campaigns on social.
You’ll not just have many clients but multiple social profiles to manage for each of those clients. You need a tool that helps you sort through and manage social profiles effectively.
Results are what we all look for not just for ourselves but also for our clients. You will need easy-to-understand reports that give you an accurate picture of how your clients’ brands and your agency are doing on social.
When you work as a team with people doing different tasks, you require a good workflow management system. You need a tool that allows you to assign appropriate tasks and permission levels for your team members.

Now, let’s quickly catch a breath and take a look at the tools that will help you or your social media agency stay on top of the game.


A social media management software is crucial to any agency. It helps in managing publishing on social channels for clients easily. It does the heavy lifting for the agency leaving you with plenty of time to rope in new clients. SMhack is built for agencies and works efficiently in streamlining most of an agency’s community management and reporting with multiple publishing options.


The pricing is straightforward letting you pay as you grow your agency. You will be billed only on the number of profiles you manage and not on the number of users. There is no limit on the number of users you can bring onboard across all plans.


As an agency, you need an effective workflow management to ensure that approvals and workflows run smoothly. SMhack’s workflow management is the answer to any agency’s workflow problems where you can assign roles to each user based on the tasks that they manage.


SMhack gives you in-depth reporting on not just your clients’ social posts but also their competitors’ social presence. You can know what kind of posts are working well with your audience and use that information to get your content mix right.




What’s more, you can even free trial the SMhack Agency plan for 14 days to decide on a social media management software for your agency.

SMhack also has a free tool named HuntLeads that helps you get leads in no time. It’s a simple widget that can be embedded on your website to offer prospects a free competitor analysis. They only need to share their email address in exchange for that information. You can then nurture these leads and aim for a conversion.


Monitoring brands on social media is pivotal for an agency that wants to learn about its competition, to get new clients, and to retain existing clients. Let me break this down for you. You know that as a business and an agency you are faced with stiff competition. So, it becomes important that you get to know what your competitors are up to and what tricks they have up their sleeves to win deals and clients. To monitor them and their progress and failures, you need a monitoring tool. You can identify posts where they have failed and turn that around for yourself by offering a solution to customers.

You want to impress your prospects with that amazing sales pitch. But you can turn that up a notch by throwing in valuable information about your prospects’ competitors. Alongside that, you can offer solutions or campaigns that can help them beat their competition. There, you have a winning pitch!
If you want to retain the existing clients, you need to regularly identify opportunities that can help them win customers over from their competition. Nothing makes a client happier than such valuable insights and opportunities. And Keyhole helps you achieve just that!

All you need to do is drop in the keywords and let Keyhole do the rest for you. You get to view a complete dashboard that gives you an overview of the post type, frequency, count, demographics, etc.

Keyhole_Dahsboard_Social Media_Tool

You can head over to the Posts section that lists posts (in real time) that have the hashtag keyword along with the corresponding sentiment. You can skim through the ones with negative sentiments to identify opportunities for your agency, prospects, and your clients.

Sentiment_Keyhole_Social Media_Tools

You can also see the types of posts that have used this hashtag.

Post Type_Social Media_Tools_Keyhole


Content curation comes as a big challenge for an agency because it requires that the team come up with unique and engaging content every day for all the clients. Each client is different in terms of brand voice, choice of content type, industry, audience demographics, etc. To tackle this, agencies create a content calendar for at least four weeks and get it approved by the client before beginning to publish them. But the challenge lies in creating so much content unless this can be automated.

BuzzSumo is that tool you are looking for to help you. It’s a content curation tool that pulls up content from across the web based on the keywords you key in. Each piece of content has a corresponding engagement score across top social channels. This will help you ascertain the type of content that will work best for each social channel.

BuzzSumo_Content_Curation_Social Media_Tool

You can also search for content based on backlinks—what kind of backlinks you can drive for which kind of content. Apart from that, you can also analyze the content you have on your website or on any domain. If you are looking for social or blog post ideas, you can run a quick search to see the top questions that your audience is struggling with.

Question Analyzer_BuzzSumo_Social Media_Tools

Think of it as a content and SEO bundle. It’s a must-have if you want to save time on researching content ideas and optimizing your clients’ websites for search engines. BuzzSumo gives you a 14-day free trial that you can use to check out the features and benefits of this software.
Another tool that you can explore to help you with your RSS feeds is Feedly. This is more of an RSS management tool that helps you stay on top of the content game.


When you run an agency, you are required to work as a team and with multiple teams. There will be many projects that your team has to juggle with ideas flying from one person to another. To keep your head above all the chaos of running an agency, you need an easy-to-use project management tool.

CoSchedule has been built with a focus on enabling teams of all sizes to function seamlessly and collaborate with ease. It is one giant calendar that gives you a quick overview of all the on-going projects. It lets you add members to a project, discuss ideas, and assign tasks to different team members. It’s like a virtual office space without all the clutter.

CoSchedule_Social Media_Tool_Agencies

You also have a workspace where you write your article draft that can be shared and reviewed by your editor. Or you can simply import the content from Google Docs.

CoSchedule_Content_Drafting_Social Media_Tools

The dashboard gives you an overview of all pending tasks that require action from you, upcoming events, etc. It also gives you reports on team performance, top content, social engagement, etc. It also has the social media publishing feature which allows you to publish and schedule content on social profiles.


What runs your agency?

When we asked our agency users about the tools that help them run their agency efficiently, these four tools were heard of most. While there are plenty of tools for each type of task that you do in your agency, it is best to stick to not more than three or four tools. Else, you will end up managing more tools than people or social profiles and that’s not how you want to run the show. In fact, the tools that you use as an agency defines the communication structure between you, your team, and your clients.

So then, tell us, what are the tools that you use and which ones you’d like to see on the list. We’d love to hear your thoughts.