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Social Media Management on Slack with SMhack

Slack has over 2.3 million active users with more than 60000 teams. Its high adoption is a testimony to the fact that people want to get notified and get work done in real time.

Social media is real time. There aren’t any brands who don’t have a social media strategy in place to leverage its reach and power.

Bringing these two together would be a godsend for social media managers who use Slack.

That’s exactly what we achieve integrating with Slack. With Slack integration, social media managers will be able to manage their social media conversations from Slack itself.

So let’s check out the steps to integrate Slack and SMhack.


How-To Connect Slack with SMhack?

You will need a dedicated channel where all the posts captured in SMhack’s social media dashboard appear. So let’s create a new channel in Slack.

In Slack, click the ‘+’ icon in the left sidebar menu to create a new channel.

Create a social media channel in slack
Create a social media channel in slack


You can create a public or a private channel. Give the channel a name for example, ‘#smhack-feeds’. Make sure to give it a unique name which describes its purpose clearly.

Invite the team members you want to join this channel and create the channel.

Select the type of channel you want


This new channel will now appear in the left sidebar under channels.

smhack channel created in slack


Now, open SMhack and click the ‘gear’ icon at the top right corner. Select ‘Integrations’ in the drop-down menu.

The integration selection by default here is Slack. Click ‘Add Slack Integration’


add Slack integration
add Slack integration

In the page that appears next, select the channel name that was created earlier to import SMhack’s social inbox in Slack. In this example, its ‘#smhack-feeds’.

confirm slack channel for social media feed


After selecting the appropriate channel, click ‘Authorize’ to complete the integration. SMhack is now integrated with Slack. You will receive all the posts appearing in SMhack’s social inbox in Slack.



Now that we have covered how to add SMhack to Slack, let’s get down to the problems this integration solves for social media managers.


Social Media Problems Solved by SMhack – Slack Integration

1. Social media conversations

Social media is real-time, and so is Slack. SMhack integration brings the complete social media update to the Slack channel created.

This means that after completing the integration, all the mentions, replies, comments, retweets and DMs happening in your social profiles will be streamed right into the Slack channel.

social media dashboard on slack


2. Important notifications

real time social media notification

Notifications are the way we know about everything that happens. With Slack’s push notifications, social media updates can be received without even firing up Slack.

So you could be working on a major promotion strategy for your latest ad campaign and still be completely aware of the conversations taking place in your social profiles by integrating Slack with SMhack.


3. Replying to a social post from Slack

Social media is unrelenting, and users who are interacting with your social profiles expect you to acknowledge their interactions. Notifications play a great role here but then again most notifications are ignored as they don’t evoke a response and are unidirectional.

With SMhack added in Slack, you will be able to reply to a particular contact from Slack itself. Social media updates on Slack will no longer be just notifications.

social media conversation on slack


4. No need to switch

reply to incoming updates without switching from slack

When you get a notification, it is intended to give you an update about some activity that’s happened.

In Slack when you receive a social media update through SMhack integration, you don’t have to fire up SMhack to take stock of the situation. SMhack’s integration with Slack lets you respond from Slack itself without having to switch tools.


5. Solve social media problems in real time

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have the right solution for everything.

Most of the times if a user has complained about your brand on any of your social profiles, you’ll have to get in touch with the tech guys. Analyze what the problem is and then get back to the user.

solve problems
solve social media issues in real time

All this needs to happen fast as most users expect a response in less than an hour. With SMhack’s integration, you will be able to do all this from a single tool while keeping your focus on the problem.


6. Verify Your Social Strategy Using Slack

You might have assigned the responsibility of a particular social account to a team member. Is that social media profile doing well? Is content being published consistently? Is there a plan. We have answered all these questions with our Slack integration. With SMhack’s Slack app, you can monitor how your team member’s performing from a Slack channel itself. Better insights on your team performance too.

verify your social strategy using SMhack's Slack app
verify your social strategy using SMhack’s Slack app


So all you social media managers out there, do make sure to give SMhack a try and integrate it with Slack. Let us know how it works for you in the comments section below. You can even tweet to or write on our Facebook wall