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SMHack – A complete social media management software to manage all your social channels

There are numerous social media management tools out there. Choosing the one which keeps your social media profiles on the right track can deliver you with an exponential increase in your social media presence. 

However, the question arises, “Which is the best social media management tool and why it’s SMhack?”

One can consider the product best when the demands of the user match with the deliverables of the product. SMhack is introduced after examining the various requirements which social media managers have.

Our software strives to cater to the needs of maximum users and has eliminated unnecessary attributes avoiding complications in social media management. 

The application offers you a seven-day free trial where you can test its every inch. After that, you can go forward by selecting one of the plans. 

The plans offered by SMhack gives the flexibility to users to make a cost-effective decision. For instance, if you need to handle thirty or fewer social media profiles, you can choose ‘Agency Lite Plan.’ However, if the requirement exceeds thirty, there is ‘Agency Advanced Plan’ available for you.

Let us provide you with every detail of the product, which will support you in making the correct decision. 

Complicated Interface is a Myth

The social media management applications which ones considered to be top-notch are failing. The primary reasons are the complicated interface, steep learning curve, and unnecessary addition of many features. 

SMhack addresses these issues which social media managers experience by making the interface simplistic. This ensures facile learning of the application, making SMhack one of the best Hootsuite alternatives.

Moreover, social media management tools keep on adding features as a method to attract users. SMhack doesn’t follow the same policy.

The software is loaded with attributes, all you need to manage the social media platforms. The features are present on the surface of the application, making it easier for a user to find any of them. 

The application houses a well-defined division of features under various sections. The division is done as per steps we follow in the process of posting and managing the content. 

You can readily compose the post, then schedule it for later or publish it instantly. For keeping a check on engagement, the application has the Inbox feature.

 You can connect with your social media followers directly from SMhack’s inbox option. Such an interface will help to reduce your efforts in the management for sure. 

Straightforward Steps to Get Started

SMHack Sign up Form

SMhack offers a one-step sign-up process. All you need to add is minimal information for getting started with the application.

Even the application doesn’t require adding the payment details during the seven-day free trial. 

After signing up, you need to generate the password through the activation link sent on your registered email account.

The initial task following the completion of sign up is to add your social media profiles. The SMhack allows a user to add profiles of all the primary social media platforms, as shown in the below-added screenshot.

Adding Social Media Profiles on SMhack

The addition of profiles on SMhack is just a piece of cake. Just add the credentials of the profile you need to include, and it’s done.

As you can check, the app covers all the major platforms, including Google Analytics, which is only offered by some of the social media management software. SMhack can efficiently manage multiple social media accounts with ease.

Currently, we are working on adding a vast number of social media platforms such as Tumbler and Pinterest. We are aimed to provide our users with maximum possible usability.

Informative and Well Structured Dashboard

The dashboard must contain briefing all the aspects of your social media accounts.

The dashboard is the core of social media management software from where you get an insight into your posts and user engagement. A dynamic dashboard let the management team, as well as client, know what’s working for them and what’s not.

SMhack Dashboard

SMhack segments the dashboard in such a way that one can obtain information regarding different client profiles separately.

The performance summary added on the dashboard is a time saver. With just a glance, you will be able to know about the growth in the client’s social media presence, the total number of user engagement, and the overall reach.

Delivering all social media metrics on an easy-to-utilize dashboard isn’t a characteristic owned by all social media management platforms. SMhack catches everyone’s eyes as it’s easy for eyes to catch the crucial data concerning social media profiles.

SMhack even delivers information for a custom period. You can check the profiles’ escalation either for last week or the whole month. 

The application’s dashboard exhibits a vital resource for making data-driven decisions:

  • Know posts statistics for all your social media platforms.
  • Find the top-performing posts, providing you with the knowledge about what is most appreciated content. This will support you to improve your content strategy.
  • Keep track of upcoming posts, and put an additional check on their scheduling.
  • Obtain client approval directly from the dashboard. 

Handling Multiple Clients with One Account

SMhack’s moves forwards as our users attain growth. We do not wish to cause hindrance to your expansion. Therefore, SMhack comes without a limit on the number of clients you cater through our application. 

SMhack Client Panel

The application offers a client panel from where you can find all your clients’ information on a single screen.

From here, you can select the client for whom you wish to perform social media management. Besides the client panel, you have the instant switch option allowing you to move between different clients with ease.

When you look at the screenshot SMhack’s dashboard screenshot, you will find a menu on the left side of the screen. On the top, there is a drop-down button that contains the list of all your clients. 

Just by clicking on a client name on the list, you can switch to the dashboard containing the data related to the profiles of the chosen client. All the client profiles are kept separate by this intuitive technique. That’s how SMhack makes it trouble-free for users to handle multiple clients’ profiles without mixing up the data.

Create Post including All Necessary Elements

Without the availability of a social media management platform, you would need to create posts through all the social media profiles individually. The task is not only tiresome but time-consuming too. 

When you switch to a social media management tool, it becomes content creation’s hub. However, many management tools aren’t as efficient as the social media platforms’ posting section. They may put a limitation on media types, such as not allowing the inclusion of videos or pictures. 

However, with SMhack, you get most of the posting related options that are available on social media platforms. 

Just by a single click on the Compose option, you can get started with creating the post.

SMhack Compose Window

Bitly Integration- Shorten your Links for Better Engagement

Whenever you share a long link through social media, it can reduce the post’s appeal. Bitly has been a savior when it comes to reducing the link’s length. Just add the link to Bitly, and it will shorten it instantly. This doesn’t change the loading speed, and it’s free from any security issues.

SMhack Bitly Integration

SMhack considered the seriousness of this requirement and provided the user with Bitly Integration. You can discover the integration option by clicking on the settings tab. 

By clicking on Integrate Bitly, the Bilty sign-in page appears. Just input your Bitly credentials, and you are good to go. You can utilize Bitly’s features through SMhack itself, making it easier to shorten the link size.

Scheduling and Publishing have never been so effortless

While using SMhack, you will get four options related to posting the content.

The first option is to post the content right away. Just compose it and publish it at the same time. 

The second one is to schedule the post for later. The option of scheduling the post is provided in the compose option itself for the convenience of the users. This reduces the effort and time social media managers require for composing and scheduling posts separately.

Whenever there is a requirement of editing, deleting, or putting a check on scheduled content, it can be done through SMhack’s Scheduled Window.

SMhack Scheduled Posts

The left panel on the Scheduled Window displays the profiles for which posts are scheduled. SMhack offers the flexibility to display the posts of specific profiles. This is an essential feature which you need to use when scheduled content for certain profiles requires additional attention.

The window even shows how many days are left before the content gets posted. Based on that, you can prioritize the urgency of action you need to take on any post. 

It could be confusing when a client or approver communicates through a different medium regarding a post. Therefore, SMhack has added an internal discussion panel under every post where team members or clients can suggest changes, make a comment, put a note, etc. Based on the discussion, you can make changes in the scheduled post itself without the requirement of creating a new one.

When you are not aware of the exact scheduling time, you can save the content as a draft. From the Draft Window under Publishing Section, you can schedule it by assigning the date and time. This is the third possible way of posting the content.

The posts which you have already published appear under the published posts.

The last option is to publish the posts in your queue cycle. 

When you select the option “Push to Queue,” the post will be added to SMhack’s predefined timeslots. 

You can edit the timeslots by going through the “Smart Queue” feature present in the “Setting” option on the left panel. 

SMhack’s Smart Queue Option

Initially, you will find three different time slots added for all the days.

For specific profiles, you can choose specific time slots as different social media platforms behave differently.

  • Select the profiles for which you wish to add the time slot
  • Add the day and time in the given fields, and
  • Click on Add Posting Time.

The newly added posting time will appear instantly on the window. 

SMhack efficiently pulls out the insight from the social media platforms and displays it below every post in the Published Posts section.

SMhack Published Posts

Besides the post engagement, SMhack even displays the total engagement of the profiles individually. 

With SMhack, all your posts will have a vast reach. However, if there are posts that stand out the rest of the posts, you can reuse them by rescheduling it from Published Post window. Such an undemanding process for rescheduling is an attribute that makes SMhack unique from all other social media management platforms.

Keep Track of your Posting using Calendar

SMhack Calendar

Many social media management tools offer a social media scheduler, but those applications do not necessarily include the calendar. Even if the calendar is included, the usability is limited.

SMhack’s calendar lets you know about the scheduled, unapproved, and published posts in one go. The different color codes provided for different post distinguish them from each other. It is because of such minimal inclusions in addition to primary features why SMhack is a robust social media management tool.

 Moreover, you can reschedule the post directly by dragging the post to another date. An Update Time dialog box appears where you can put the new date and time. And the job’s done.

Further, SMhack provides you with two views that help a user to put their focus as per his will. The monthly View displays all posts of the month on a single screen, whereas in the Week View, you can focus on a particular week’s posts. The week view is useful when the posting frequency is high. 

Scheduling Multiple Posts in One Go 

What not you can do with SMhack?

If you find scheduling the posts multiple times tiresome, do it in one go with SMhack’s Bulk Scheduling option.

SMhack’s Bulk Scheduling Feature

SMhack Social Media Management tool’s bulk scheduling option only requires you to add date, time, text messages, and image associated with your posts.

How you do it? Just by downloading the sample CSV file. In the CSV file, you have to add the above-mentioned details regarding the post. After adding the details, just save the document, and upload it back to SMhack. You can schedule numerous posts with its help. The posts will appear under the schedule tab after a successful upload. 

From there, you can edit them whenever it is required. You can even check the scheduling through the calendar menu, which we discussed in the previous section. Those posts will automatically be considered approved.

Recycle your Posts and Automate Publishing

In the journey of developing your social media presence, some posts get exclusive attention from the audience. Those posts give you exceptional reach, which rest posts may not obtain. They are your precious earnings, which you must save to SMhack Library for future use. 

Also, there would be content which you may require to post frequently, such as weekly offers. While using SMhack, it is not necessary to generate these creatives every time. 

What if you get the ease of posting the content ones, and then it is recycled forever? This means one time generation, and the application will automatically publish those posts as per the time slot selected.

SMhack’s Recycling Post Feature

With SMhack’s Recycle Option, you can create categories depending upon your post types. For instance, you can distinguish posts for offers, weekly reminders, deals, posts with high reach, etc. under different categories. Let’s say, we create a category with the name “SMhack Evergreen Posts.”

After creating the category, you will find the “Add Timeslots” option. In that option, you require adding the exact weekday and timing when you want to publish the content. 

After the category is created, it will be displayed on the Compose Window. You can directly add the post to the category while creating it. The post will then be scheduled for the next available timeslot of that category. 

This process reduces the task of posting evergreen content multiple times. It can even be helpful when publishers are not available. You can keep the posting consistent even when you don’t have any new posts on hand.

Task Management for Efficient Progression

As social media profiles of your clients grow, there will be too much on the plate to handle. A single user may not be able to manage multiple profiles of multiple clients.

The number of followers, daily engagement, postings content, and every social media aspect consumes more time with the growth of profiles. Therefore, for managing several social media profiles, one often needs to employ more than a single person. 

Adding a user on SMhack

SMhack gives you the opportunity to add multiple users based upon your plan. What’s exclusive with SMhack is the possibility to define different job roles as per the requirement. The application limits the access of the user according to the job role:

  1. Administrator 
  2. Publisher 
  3. Read Only

The job roles themselves define the extent of application access provided to a user.

However, when it comes to task management, the capability of the application is not limited to this degree. 

Perhaps, you wish a user to provide access to profiles of particular clients only. That’s possible with SMhack’s team management attributes.

When you get appropriate team management with the application, the workflow becomes continuous as it reduces the gaps present in the content publishing process. Each user will be well-aware of his tasks. 

The team management features are useful for client communication too. You can provide access to the client, which he can use to read, approve, or disapprove (hopefully not) the content.

If you check the screenshots, you will find the “Tasks” section on the left panel, which is another inclusion to make the task management robust.

The Task section contains two menu options: Assigned and Pending.

The assigned tasks indicate the ones which you need to approve. Whereas the pending task implies the posts a user sent for others’ approval. 

The primary objective of including this section is to make sure no unapproved post gets published. It may cause chaos if errors are founds after it gets uploaded. These features act as guards, only allowing posts to pass which match with the branding guidelines and have accurate content.

Be in contact with your connections on all Platforms

Be in contact with your connections on all Platforms

User engagement is an essential requirement for the expansion of your social media profiles. Through comments, mentions, messages, etc. people directly reach businesses.

It is very crucial to interact with them as they could be potential customers or loyal customers or anywhere in between. Interacting with them, hearing their queries, appreciating their complements, strengthens the business-customer bond. 

However, these users can reach us out through any of the social media platforms, whether it is Instagram or Twitter or any other. One cannot afford to not pay attention to any of these social media platforms, even if it requires tremendous and continuous efforts.

Therefore, we have developed SMhack to pull all your engagements from various platforms competently. The engagements are displayed on a single screen with an option to filter them for specific social media platforms.

Using this feature, you can take care of all social media connections, “single-screenedly.”

You can comment to a mention, like a tweet, reply to the message, and whatnot. After you have attended the engagements in the Open tab, you can move them to the Close tab. From the close tab, you can utilize those engagements for future references and communication.

Flourish your Brand with White Labeling

It is critical to have your social media management tool personalized in accordance with your brand identity. SMhack will itself support you to enhance your branding by implementing your branding symbols in every possible section. 

  • You can upload your logo and add it to the social media reports of your clients. This would efficiently convey the brand image. 
  • While creating an account on SMhack, you will need to add your domain name. The domain name itself represents your agency.

Such inclusion provides the agency with a better presence and helps to flourish their work.

Dedicated Reports for All Social Media Platforms 

SMhack’s exclusivity lies in its reports, where this social media management tool has given an in-depth insight into each profile on each social media platform.

The reports are generated individually for individual platforms as the metrics differ in every case. Therefore, we will one by one provide you with the detailed aspects covered by various reports.

For all your reports, you get the option to alter the period for which you wish to study the insight. It is even possible to get insights for a custom period. The reports can be exported, including your logo on each one, carrying your brand image.


  • The insight lets you know about the increment and decrement of your page followers. 
  • Besides that, know about the efficiency of your Facebook page in terms of earning engagement, unique impressions, and organic impressions.
  • The graphical representation exhibits your journey of gaining likes and followers for the selected period.
  • Target the audience by knowing the age group, gender influence, language choice, and their country & city demographics.
  • Scrutinize the engagement and reach, know which posts delivered your profile with maximum advantage.


  • Get a summary of your Instagram account growth by knowing the details about your reach, impressions, profile views, and text message clicks.
  • Get the knowledge about when you earned the maximum number of followers, reach, and impressions. Record the day and timing when you published the content, and make changes in your scheduling accordingly.


  • What matters in the case of twitter are the retweets instead of shares. In addition to the summary section, SMhack has included the retweet section in graphical format too.
  • The same is done to know the frequency of your tweets. This gives the idea to businesses concerning the number of tweets required to get the targeted engagement.
  • Graphical representation for total likes and engagement are also introduced in the report. This allows a user to know the particular days when the posts performed exceptionally.


  • For building a brand image, LinkedIn is one of the vital social media platforms. For that reason, SMhack has not compromised a bit in providing the analytics.
  • In-depth details regarding the followers’ demographics are present, explaining the audience for whom the business has gained popularity.
  • Engagement, clicks, and impression insights are essential to make data-driven decisions. For that reason, LinkedIn reports house summary as well as detailed information regarding these metrics.

Google Analytics

  • End the need to track your website insights from a different platform as SMhack can bring the Google Analytics data to its report section.
  • Know the details such as increment and decrement in the bounce rate, average session duration, and the total number of unique sessions. 
  • Let the clients know how social media platforms are performing in diverting the traffic to the website.
  • Social media managers can even put a check on website pages by examining the page views and sessions. The pages which are getting least views can be shared on social media platforms to earn engagement for both social media as well as website.

Google My Business

  • There is a lot of vital information one can gain from Google My Business account. However, tracking the data becomes more manageable when done along with insights of other platforms. One can relate the impact of one channel on another.
  • SMhack allows users to have a glance at the summarized data showcasing direct queries, indirect queries, map views, driving direction views, photo views, and a lot more.
  • We have even compared the direct and indirect queries using a graphical representation. This would let you learn about the total queries on various days and when maximum queries are obtained.
  • With SMhack’s smart placement, you can compare the views on the photos uploaded by the business owner and the ones which are uploaded by his customers. This comparison will explain the impact on potential buyers’ choice after viewing the pictures.

Why don’t you Create Reports of your own?

Although SMhack has delivered you with every possible implementation in reports, the social media management tool doesn’t stop here.

It lets you create your own report in your own way. This benefits the users by allowing them to focus on and compare specific social media aspects. For instance, you can create a report providing you with insight regarding followers on multiple social media profiles. Besides this example, there is a possibility of creating numerous combinations and getting valuable insight through SMhack.

The custom report allows you to compare the same attribute of different social media platforms. It is possibly a proper technique of comparing your growth on these channels. Certain decisions regarding the content strategy can be taken by understanding how users are interacting. The interactions will let you know for which platforms your content is up to the mark, and where it requires attention.

SMhack’s Custom Reports Window

For creating a custom report, click on the Custom Reports present under the Reports section. 

On the Custom Reports Window, one can find the created reports as well as the option to create a new report.

You just need to provide the name and description of the report. After that, you can get started with organizing your report sections.

While adding a section to your report, you need to input the name of the section and number of columns, as shown in the below-added screenshot.

Adding a New Section on SMhack’s Custom Reports

After adding the section, you just need to lay the final stone: Adding metrics for your report. You can choose the metrics which you which to put together in a section. For different social media accounts, various parameters are available. 

You can add numerous rows to the same section, remove them, or even remove the complete section as per you will. After defining all the metrics in all your sections, just click on “Done Editing.”

The freshly brewed report will appear, including all your data. SMhack even allows viewing custom reports for a custom period. Further, the application provides you with the option to export the report along with the white labeling.

Getting knowledge about the efficiency of your campaigns is one of the significant resources for improvement.  For that, what better way you need than the flexibility of generating reports in accordance with the required insight?

Managing Clients and their Profiles

There are social media management tools that require you to perform numerous steps for adding a client. Those management platforms ask the addition of unnecessary data, complicate the client permission levels, and make the addition process longer.

The case with SMhack is entirely quirky and straightforward. It’s a one-step process where it requires minimal information and consumes the least possible time.

Adding a Client on SMhack

You need to add the general information of the clients, set a limit on the number of profiles you wish to add, and directly assign your team members to the clients.

The profile section on the settings window lets you directly attach profiles of social media platforms, which we had discussed in the initial section. From here, you get the option to add or delete any profile with just a click.

URL Tracking- Don’t miss the vital information

SMhack’s URL Tracking

SMhack knows the importance of adding unique identifiers to URLs. URL tracking can provide you with crucial information regarding the performance of your campaigns.

For utilizing the URL Tracking features through SMhack, you need to go to the settings menu and open the URL Tracking Window.

There you need to click on “ADD URL Tracking,” and add the UTM parameters in the fields shown in the above-added screenshot. 

After adding the URL tracking, you can assign it while composing a post. The URL tracking parameters can be edited anytime after adding them. The data received after URL tracking will be visible on Google Analytics.

General Settings for Better Control

It is possible to change the domain name which you enter while creating your account. There is no limit on the number of edits you do. This gives you complete control over your domain name, representing your agency.

SMhack’s General Notifications

Further, SMhack offers you advanced notification settings. Whenever any failure occurs while publishing content, SMhack instantly notifies you. This allows you to take action without delay. It helps to maintain the continuity required for growing your social media profiles.

Besides that, you will receive a daily report briefing you about the social media growth based on your prior actions. 

SMhack aims to contribute significantly to the development of your client’s social media presence. Growth in the social media presence is a winning situation for us. With SMhack, you can expand your social media agency rapidly without any restriction on the number of clients you add. 

Apart from that, we only wish you to let us be at your service when you are satisfied with our application. Our customer department is here to hear all your queries while you go through our application. Try SMhack’s Seven-day free trial and know-how our inventiveness is beneficial for you.