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SMhack Ranked As A Category Leader by GetApp!

The start of November calls for celebrations at SMhack. We are excited to be announced as the category leader in social media management software for SMBs by GetApp.

The Big News

GetApp published this quarter’s ranking of the Category Leaders in Social Media Marketing Solutions and guess who was named in the top 25? Yes, it is SMhack! The ranking report recognizes the top social media management solutions for SMBs. It is curated based on indicators such as user reviews, integrations, data security, mobile platforms, and media presence.

GetApp is an app store for business software. It works as “an ecosystem of user-generated and editorial reviews of software and apps for businesses”. Currently, GetApp has over 160 social media marketing software listed. Having been named among the top 25 solutions is a huge achievement for us at SMhack.

About Us

SMhack is a social media management software that is built for SMBs and agencies. What sets us apart from the rest of the social media management software are the pricing and the intuitive user interface.


Our pricing is straightforward and is based on the number of profiles you want to manage. As an SMB or an agency, you will require to work with your team members or with other teams. And we understand that better than anyone else. That’s why our plans and pricing are not based on the number of team members you bring aboard SMhack—unlimited users across all plans. You can pay as you grow.


Intuitive User Interface

We are aware of how chaotic and loud social can be. Things can get out of hand when you have to manage multiple profiles and campaigns for your business or clients. That’s why we strive to keep our website’s interface simple, clean, and intuitive. This makes the experience of running social easy for your business or agency.

Key Features

SMhack is software packed with features that aid SMBs and agencies to manage social media seamlessly. Here is a quick list of the features that SMhack offers at affordable prices.


This is one of the key features of any social media management software. The tool should be able to offer various ways in which you can publish content on multiple social profiles easily.



Keeping your social presence alive and active requires you to be socially engaged with your fans and followers. Imagine having to toggle between tabs, comments, direct messages, shares, etc. It seems like the stuff from nightmares. That’s where a social media management software like SMhack can help you. With a clean Social Inbox, you can view and respond to all incoming interactions from fans from one place. This gets even better with native actions such as retweeting from within SMhack itself.

Based on the tasks, you can assign roles and access levels to each team member. This helps you close loop conversations quickly so that your SMB or agency has a better response rate.




Reporting plays a crucial role in every business (or agency). Reports serve numerous purposes, some of them being to learn about brand performance, audience behavior, ROI, competition landscape, etc. Each of these pieces of information help build and grow a company. The same applies to social media marketing as well. When a business is investing in social, it wants to know answers to questions such as how the spend has been, what are the returns, did it bring in sales, how are the competitors performing, etc.

Competitor Analysis report

Final Note

We are currently working to add more features that will make the life of your SMB’s social media manager a lot easier. We will also be supporting more social channels in the near future. To know more about the features, head over to our website. You can also take SMhack for a spin or register for a demo here.

We also have a free widget, named HuntLeads, that helps businesses and agencies get quality leads.