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  Are you looking for the best SEO marketing tools? If yes, then you are at right place. In this article, we are not only telling you about the top 15 SEO tools but also tell you about choosing the best one. If you are running are Marketing Agency and not using any kind of SEO tools then you may not survive in this competitive market. With the help of these tools, you can explore various marketing opportunities and grab dozens of new clients. To give 100% results to your clients, you must explore all the major details and strategies of their competitors.
You can explore all the major keywords on which the competitors are ranking. Moreover, SEO tools can do a lot more. You can explore all the backlinks of any website, analyze the traffic and start working accordingly. Such tools will also help you in finding all the paid keywords and advertisement strategies. In short, you will know all the details about the competitors and then make or modify your strategies to outrank them. If you choose a tool wisely and use it in the right way then nobody can stop you from making thousands of dollars in a short time. Without SEO tools you may not be able to anticipate that which SEO strategy is working. To make your agency grow faster, you have to keep your clients a step ahead from their competitors. All the popular tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, MOZ, etc., provide plenty of tools which are extremely beneficial for agency growth. Most loved features you will find in these tools are- keyword research tools, backlink audit, SEO audit, competitors explorer, content marketing tools, rank tracker, various social media tools, and many more. You can save a lot of time and take the benefits of multiple tools in a single dashboard. In the last few years, so many SEO tools are trending in the Market. It’s not easy for digital marketing agency owners or freelancers to choose the best tool for them. Here, in this article, we are listing the top 15 SEO tools with which you can take your Digital Marketing skills to the new heights.  

1. SEMrush

Starts with 7 days free trial, SEMrush is World’s leading Digital Marketing Tool and loved by 3 Million+ users. It is the most rated and preferred tool by top digital marketing agencies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. The most loved feature in SEMrush by the SEO community is its Domain vs Domain comparison. Yes, you can compare your website with any of your competitor in no time. It will give you a detailed comparison and new ideas for on-page SEO, ranking boost, backlinks, keywords, content improvement and much more.
The other best thing about SEMrush is its interface. It is extremely simple and even newbies can understand everything easily. You will not notice any UI related issues with SEMrush. Also, with the help of on-page checker tool, you can easily find and eliminate all the on-page errors of your website and boost the performance. SEMrush provides complete details about organic traffic, paid traffic keywords, organic keywords, advertisements running and even the list of backlinks a website has. Hence, it will give you an awesome strategy to outrank your competitor easily. Top-rated freelancers and agency owners highly recommend SEMrush as their primary tool. Some awesome features of SEMrush as follows:
  1. Domain Explorer to know everything about your competitor including organic keywords, traffic, running ads, backlinks, etc.
  2. Position tracking system to track all your keywords.
  3. Audit tool to enlist all the website errors and their fixes.
  4. Keyword Magic tool to research the most profitable keywords.
  5. Content Analysis tool to analyze competitor content strategy.
  6. Social Media tracker and poster tool, Ad builder tool.
  7. Reports generation, Advertising research tool, CPC maps, and much more.
SEMrush is also a value for money tool. It has various plans for its users. Starting at just $99/Month, you can choose any plan according to your need and start exploring the new opportunities for your business.

2. Ahrefs

Another big name is the top SEO tools is Ahrefs. It is extremely famous for backlink checking but in reality, it can do a lot more than that. Lots of people do not know its true power due to lack of an awesome user interface. Ahrefs has massive data index and it crawls billion of pages daily. The best feature we liked about Ahrefs is its Keyword Explorer tool. With the help of this, you can easily research awesome keywords for your business with minimum competition. It will also tell you about the number of backlinks you need to rank in the top 10 results.
Sadly, Ahrefs does not provide any free trial. To test Ahrefs you have to buy a trial of 7 days at $7. But again, the trial is very limited and shows only limited data which may not be sufficient for you. However, you will be able to view a few competitor backlinks, keywords, domain rating, etc. To explore more, you need to buy one of their plan which is starting at just $99/Month. Some of the best features of Ahrefs are as follows:
  1. Site Explorer feature which tells you the information about competitor domain like backlinks, organic keywords, domain rating, referring domains, paid keywords, etc.
  2. Content Explorer and Rank Tracker tools will help you in exploring the trending content on a particular keyword and tracking the rank of all your business keywords.
  3. Ahrefs provide site audit tool which crawls and finds top issues of the website. Again, the user interface is bit complex and people may face some difficulty to understand it.
  4. Keyword Explorer is the most loved feature of Ahrefs. It is very simple and provides awesome details about keywords. It will also give you thousands of suggestions for any keywords. You can use multiple filters to refine your keywords research.
  5. Many other services by Ahrefs are Domain comparison, Batch analysis, Keyword research for Amazon, YouTube, Bing, Link Checking and much more.

3. MOZ

Moz is also a popular SEO software which includes various small programs for SEO. With the help of MOZ, you can easily boost rankings, traffic and measure each and everything in a single dashboard. MOZ is specially created for SEO Marketing, Local SEO Marketing, and Content Marketing. Domain Authority by MOZ is one of the most important factors in ranking. Moz is popular for Local SEO guide also. It has a special tool “MOZ Local” which will assist you while performing local SEO for any website. MOZ has some common factors like other major tools which are- keywords research tool, rank tracking, backlink checker, site audit tool, etc. Some of the popular things about MOZ are:
  1. MOZ provides many tools for free with limitations. Some popular tools are Keyword Researcher, Link Checker, Local Presence Checker, Link Explorer, MOZ Bar for multiple browsers, Research Categories, Citation cleanup, etc.
  2. Provide 30 days free trial but you have to add credit card information. You can cancel it anytime.
  3. Advanced Moz insights and reporting.
  4. Provide various ideas to improve the Domain Authority of the website.
With over 36000 customers worldwide, MOZ is ruling the SEO market. Their plans begin with $99/Month option. The basic plan is limited and provides less data as compare to SEMrush. You can check all the plans by MOZ here.

4. CognitiveSEO

Doesn’t matter if you are a Freelancer, Digital Marketing Agency or any Brand, if you are struggling with the traffic issues of your website then CognitiveSEO tools is for you. This tool is capable of providing the best traffic strategy for your website with proper insights. It also has a popular Penalty Tool which can help you in recovering from Google Penguin update.
CognitiveSEO highlights all the traffic-related issues for your website and provides you a roadmap to fix all the errors. Its SEO audit tool can help you in scanning and fixing all major OnPage SEO issues. The most important services provided by CognitiveSEO are:
  1. Google Penalty Recovery tool to recover or protect your website.
  2. It provides a Content Marketing tool to uncover new content marketing strategies.
  3. You can easily monitor and audit your website backlinks in a single dashboard.
  4. Rank Tracker software is also there. You can track all your keywords easily.
Apart from above, you have various tools like reporting tool, site audit tool, Google Algorithms checker, etc. Although the tool is very good, its pricing is a little bit high as compare to other tools. Its basic plan starts at $129/Month. It offers a free trial also which needs a credit card. Click here to know more about pricing & plans.

5. SERPstat

With a combination of many tools, SERPstat is also a popular name in SEO. Specially focused on competitor research, it provides deep information about your competitors including keywords, rankings, backlinks, etc. This tool is similar to SEMrush. Even some features are the same in both the tools. The highlighting feature of the tool is its “MISSING KEYWORD” option. Whenever you enter the URL of your competitor blog/page, it will give you a list of keywords on which the blog/page is not ranking.
Hence you can use those keywords on your website. In this way, you can research your top 5 competitors and find their missing keywords to gain more traffic and ranking. SERPstat is also referred to as the biggest database in the market. The basic plan starts at just $69. Some of the awesome features of the tool are as follows:
  1. It is the biggest database of Keywords, Ads, Search Suggestions, Semantic keywords.
  2. SERPstat offers the Keywords Clustering tool which group various Semantic keywords to make them relevant to the page content.
  3. Specific PPC research tool to find the most profitable keywords for your business.
  4. SERPstat has some advanced error detecting capability which can scan coding errors, server parameters, etc.
  5. It has some common features like keyword research tool, rank tracker, backlink checker, etc. Know more about the tool here.

6. Majestic Tool

Majestic SEO is also a popular tool which will help you in finding all the websites which are linking to yours. It is also famous as a Link Building Tool or you can say that it is specialized in Backlinks. This tool starts with Site Explorer feature in which you enter the URL of the website. In return, you will see a lot of information like summary, backlinks, top pages, referring domains and much more.
Majestic SEO Tool also gives you historic backlinks data. It tells you about the full history of the domain it has in its database. This tool is awesome for those who want to know in-depth backlinks of all their competitors and find new opportunities. The Majestic Tool is very easy to use and it can easily be used by beginners. Some useful functions provided by Majestics SEO are:
  1. It has a whopping index of backlinks since 2011.
  2. It provides an effective domain and backlink comparison options.
  3. It has its search engine with transparent ranking factors.
  4. Several link building tools to see more opportunities.
  5. Various other tools like site submitter, bulk backlinks checker, rank tracker, etc.
Majestic SEO is especially for those who want to do an awesome link building. It will explore all the backlinks of the competitor website and also suggest the ways to get the same. Pricing starts from $49.99/Month. You can still use some of its features for free.

7. KWFinder

Also known as Keyword Planner alternative, KWFinder is one of the best tools for keywords research. As we all know the competition in short tail keywords is very high, hence KWFinder will help us in finding the best long-tail keywords for the business. Even they claimed that this is the best keyword research tool in the universe that we need. We have used the tool and found it very helpful and accurate. You can research and explore the competitor’s keywords also.
The highlight of this tools is its User Interface. It is built wonderfully and you will love it while using. Its stats include keyword difficulty, searches, and top-ranking pages. Some of the highlighting features of KWFinder are as follows:
  1. It is an awesome tool when you need long-tail keywords.
  2. This tool also uses Google autocomplete to find more relevant long-tail keywords.
  3. You can filter keywords which are not profitable.
  4. Most accurate search volumes and metrics.
  5. It is also helpful in local keywords research.
  6. Provides more services like SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Miner, SEO Profiler, etc.
Starting at just $29.90/Month you can have amazing keyword research tools for your agency. The topmost plan goes up to $70.90 and provides access to all its features. To know more, click here.

8. UberSuggest

Don’t want to spend money on SEO tools? Well, UberSuggest is here for you. Yes, you heard it right. UberSuggest is a free SEO tool and you can use it for various SEO purposes. UberSuggest is a premium feel like a tool, providing all the services for free. You can use it for domain exploring, content idea generation, keyword research, and exploration, and backlink data.
Recently, UberSuggest 6.0 has been released which includes more accurate data and stats. Owned by Nein Patel, UberSuggest provides the details about keyword searches, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, last 12-month stats, CPC, and top-ranking pages. It will also tell you about the number of backlinks you need to rank in the top 20 results. Visit UberSuggest here.

9. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO spider is an amazing software tool which you can download and install on your computer. It crawls website links, images, CSS, scripts and apps and provides detailed reports. This tools generally do technical audit & onsite SEO audit of the website. The reason for its popularity is, it is a really fast tool. You do not have to submit a website on server-based tools. It can crawl and audit website within minutes.
It highlights all the major problems in the website. It is available in both the versions: Free and Paid. The free version has a limitation of crawling 500 pages per scan. The paid version of the software is of £149.00. Unfortunately, no monthly plans are there. Some of the highlighting features of the tool are:
  1. Find all broken links on the website.
  2. Meta Tags analysis.
  3. Meta Robots reviews.
  4. Generate Sitemaps and much more.
For more details about the features of Screaming Frog SEO Spider, visit here.


SPYFU is an amazing tool which helps you spy on your competitors. The process begins with entering the domain of your competitor and it will give you all the information about the competitor. The stats are detailed which includes organic keywords ranking history, clicks, active users, paid clicks, paid keywords, and live traffic in a single screen. SPYFU reveals all the organic and paid keywords of your competitors in just one click.
It provides all the details about the keywords which help you in choosing the best ones for your business. Another great feature of SPYFU is “Inbound Links”. This feature reveals all the top backlinks of competitors and their sources. You can also see the worst performing keywords of your competitors and use them. Some amazing features of SPYFU are:
  1. Awesome competitors spying with dozens of features at low prices.
  2. It provides free learning sources for beginners.
  3. Easily download the list of all useful keywords with just one click.
The basic plan if SPYFU starts at just $33/Month with unlimited searches. To know more, click here.


The best part of RANKEDY is it tells you every opportunity with which you can rank in ranking in the top 10 results. It is a newly launched but an amazing tool. It has some amazing features which no other tools are providing. One of the most loved features is “Topic Orientation”. It will scan the top 100 competitors for a query and compare to your content. After comparing, it will tell how well your content is as compare to others and gives various tips to improve.
You can take 7 days free trial with “No Credit Card Required”. You can also use its other features like website audit, page audit, keywords explorer, backlinks monitoring, disavow tool, goals management, etc. The basic plan of RANKEDY starts at just $29/Month. Click here to know more.

12. SEO PowerSuite

It is a software-based powerful suite of tools which you can download for Windows/Linux or MAC. It consists of 4 most amazing features for SEO. These tools are SEO Spyglass, Link Assistant, Website Auditor, and Rank Tracker. You can link all these 4 tools with Google Search Console, Analytics and Social Media platforms to supercharge your website ranking and traffic.
Its various features help you in finding the competitor backlinks and their strategies. It also spots potential harmful risks of the website and guides you to remove them. You can also download your competitor’s backlinks list. It will also inform you about the backlinks which are sending traffic to the website. You can find new link building opportunities, automatically find an email address, create templates, etc. Some of the awesome features of the SEO Powersuite are:
  1. In-depth analysis of the website.
  2. Effective content optimization.
  3. It can show your website like Google crawler.
  4. Help to find the most profitable keywords.
  5. Also, do an in-depth website audit for all kind of errors.
Apart from the above, it has dozens of features. Click here to explore them. The pricing starts at $0 with limited access.

13. Raven Tools

Trusted by thousands of users worldwide, Raven is also popular all in one SEO tool. This tool is specially designed to manage SEO, online advertisement campaigns and social media conversations. With Ravel tool, you can easily track the latest business trends in just a few clicks. The best part of the Raven tool is its Real-Time Social Stream Tool with which you can measure various social media activities to get instant conversations.
When somebody is talking about your keywords in Social Media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, you will be notified by Raven Tool immediately. This tool is also known for report generation. It can produce marketing reports for SEO and Ads campaigns. Following are some awesome features of Raven Tool:
  1. Provide amazing marketing reports which make your business look professional.
  2. Provide plenty of tools which can be useful for backlinks, rank checker, keyword explorer, site audit, domain comparing, link spy, technical SEO and much more.
  3. Starting at just $79/Month, it offers great features. The maximum plan of Raven tool is $399/Month.

14. Long Tail Pro

When you start working on a micro-niche blog, the biggest challenge is to find the best keywords which are easy to rank and drive organic traffic to your website. To tackle this challenge Long Tail Pro is the best option. It is desktop-based keyword research tools which run on Adobe Air. This SEO tool is not just a keyword research tool. It offers many other features. We can create multiple campaigns with the help of this tool.
It is helpful to generate hundreds of keywords based on the seed keyword. After researching, you can export all the keywords to an Excel sheet. With the help of this tool, you can easily find long tail high CPC keywords which will help you in generating more revenue from Ads network sites like Google AdSense. Long Tail Pro can also help you in finding keyword-rich domain names for micro-niche blogs or site. We can easily check multiple Search Engine ranking for hundreds of keywords at one place. The basic plan starts with $37 per month. To know more about it, please click here.

15. Google SEO Tools

Google also provides various tools which can be helpful in SEO. The major tools provided by Google are Google Analytics, Webmaster, Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Page Insight, Google AMP, etc. Google Analytics provides us all the insights of the website including traffic, users, sessions, top visiting countries, revenue, goals, conversions, and many more things. Google Webmaster is a necessary tool for all website owners. It provides details about website performance in Google search engine and highlights important issues. You can also submit sitemap here. The Google webmaster can show you the top keywords which are getting clicks and impression to your website. You can learn about Google Webmaster here.
Google Trends is very helpful in Keyword Research. With the help of this tool, you can easily find the most trending topics region wise. You will know about various demographics regions which are searching the keyword more and hence target a particular area. One of the major tools for website speed related issue is “Google Page Insights”. This tool is very powerful in measuring the speed affecting factors of a website. It can easily find major errors in the website like CSS Minify errors, JS Minify errors, Image Compression errors, Cache issues, Server Response Time issues and many more. You can fix all issues one by one. It analyses the website for both desktop and mobile. Google AMP is a new project for faster loading of the website. It loads the website with 4x speed than regular loading. Hence it will minimize the website loading speed. Read more about it here.


So, here are the top 15 SEO tools for agency owners and freelancers. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the best one for you. If you go with our words, we recommend the SEMrush tool. It is the most used and trusted tool. It’s simple to use and provide exact data in details. You can explore the new world of opportunities with it. Please leave the valuable comments below to make this article more useful for the readers.