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How to Find New Clients for Your Social Media Agency [Webinar]

In a recent webinar hosted by SMhack in partnership with Lisa Sicard, social media expert and author of ‘Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter’, we discussed the different ways in which a social media agency can find new clients. Lisa’s experience combined with extensive knowledge of content marketing and social media gave us interesting insights on how to achieve leads through social media marketing.

Lisa covered examples of how people from different industries made great use of social channels to build a clientele and also how we can learn from them. This webinar has been highly useful for the attendees and we hope that you might find it helpful as well.

Here are the takeaways from the webinar:

Takeaway #1: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one the key ways to finding potential clients online. It is not only a social but also a professional channel where people connect with each other. To get a head start on LinkedIn, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is completely filled out. This not only adds credibility to your profile but also works in favor of SEO.

LinkedIn Profile to Follow

Ravi Chahar


Unique Ways of Connecting on LinkedIn:

Ravi Chahar answers questions from LinkedIn users on blogging and helps them set up their blogs. This positions him as a thought leader and helps build trustworthiness. It also brings him new business and clients.

Takeaway #2: Twitter

Twitter is a great social channel to share news, information, etc. but in 140 characters. On a channel where hashtags are the new search keywords, you can not only find but also reach a lot of prospective clients. The best way to do this is to join Twitter chats where you can participate in conversations relevant to your agency’s services. You can answer questions and connect with people who are looking for the services that you have to offer.

Twitter Account to Follow

Sam Hurley


Unique Ways of Connecting on Twitter:

Sam Hurley offers support on marketing. In this way, he has people connecting with him to get support on various questions that they have. By being informative, he gets new clients through Twitter. He also publishes regularly on his blog which proves instructive to people who are looking to set up an online business or service.

Takeaway #3: Facebook

Facebook, as we all know, is one of the most sought-after social channels. This is due to its diverse 2.01 billion monthly active users. Facebook also houses 70 million business or fan pages. With Facebook’s exhaustive and niche targeting options, there are plenty of strategies that you can use to market your agency and get new clients.

A tested way to have an engaged Facebook community is to start a Facebook group that focuses on topics related to your industry.

Facebook Account to Follow

Neil Patel


Unique Ways of Connecting on Facebook:

Neil Patel has a huge following on Facebook and is one of the top influencers. He shares informative content and long posts on his blog on topics including marketing and growing businesses online. He also shares video content regularly making him an industry expert. He has an interactive approach to marketing where he asks users questions and answers them promptly. With the credibility gained he gets new followers and clients.

Takeaway #4: Instagram

Instagram is a social channel where content is more visual than textual. This can pose a challenge to businesses who sell services. However, you can take a culture-centric approach to creating visual content on Instagram if you choose to market your agency using this channel.

Similar to Twitter, hashtags play an important role in getting an audience for your images and videos on Instagram. With the use of right and optimized hashtags, you can build your reach and also find people who might be interested in the services your agency has to offer.

Instagram Account to Follow



Unique Ways of Connecting on Instagram:

Being an online service or an agency, GetUWired chose a culture-centric approach where they share photos and videos of their work culture or quotes related to marketing. This way they keep the audience interested and engaged while also adding a human side to their agency.

Takeaway #5: Blog

An agency’s blog is a marketing channel where you can share content of different types and on topics related to your agency or industry. It has various benefits that include
Driving traffic back to your agency’s website
Helping convert traffic to clients for your agency
Helping establish your agency as the industry expert or thought leader
Optimizing your agency for search engines

Blog to Follow

Breezy Hill Marketing


Unique Ways of Connecting through Blog:

Laura Hill, the founder of this marketing agency works on creating content that is educative to people and is not high on driving sales. This has helped boost the agency’s presence on search engines such as Google. It has also helped build their client network to a large extent.

Takeaway #6: Ebook

Ebooks are a unique marketing tool because they don’t really seem like a marketing tactic after all. This is because they are aimed primarily at educating the readers and are not sales oriented. Apart from building a reputation and establishing your agency as a thought leader, they are inexpensive to produce. Ebooks are usually shared in exchange for user information such as email address, therefore helping you generate leads.

Ebook Writer to Follow

Ryan Biddulph


Unique Ways of Connecting through Ebook:

Ryan Biddulph has published over 120 ebooks on Amazon. This has been possible since he shares tips and tricks on blogging and how to build a huge fan following for your blog. This has brought him great traffic which eventually converted to customers.

Takeaway #7: Webinar

Webinars make for a great marketing tactic. They are informative and also give you an opportunity to answer questions that people commonly have regarding the industry you belong to. They help you repurpose the content as a blog post (just like this one) or video content on social channels like YouTube. You can also create bite-sized videos which you can share on other social channels apart from YouTube, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Additionally, the attendees or people who register for your webinar serve as cold leads. You can then convert them to potential clients through email marketing, calls, or social connect.

Presenter to Follow

Rebekah Radice


Unique Ways of Connecting through Webinars:

Rebekah Radice is a great presenter and has hosted and presented many webinars. To build an audience, she creates and posts informative podcasts on digital marketing and social media marketing. Through this form of content marketing, she establishes herself as the industry expert. This has helped her a great deal in getting new clients.

Takeaway #7: SlideShare

Though long posts work brilliantly for SEO and for readers who enjoy such content, people usually skim through information. This requires that content is upcycled creatively into other forms such as infographics and slide presentations.

With LinkedIn’s Slide Share, you have a better scope of sharing content through slide presentations on a professional social channel. This will also help to set you apart as an expert in your industry.

Presenter to Follow

Ana Hoffman


Unique Ways of Connecting through SlideShare:

Ana Hoffman is an ace at creating and publishing slide presentations. Being educative and creative, her slide presentations have got her a huge following on SlideShare. They also get a lot of engagement. In this way, she has built credibility and also established authority in SEO and traffic generation.

Takeaway #7: Local Networking

Though most of the marketing these days happen online and on social channels, it is equally important to participate in local events. This gives you a chance to put a face to your agency, meet prospective clients in person, and explore business opportunities with them. And though carrying business cards may be old school, it is good to have them with you when meeting clients.

A lot of communities host such networking events and you can get information on such events on social channels.

Networking Host to Follow

Jay White


Unique Ways of Connecting through Local Networking:

Uncle Jay’s Networking events are hosted every month where people come to meet, interact, and network with fellow business people. This has opened up a lot of opportunities for people looking for businesses and clients.


Towards the end of the webinar, we had a few questions from our attendees.

Are ads an effective way to get leads for an agency?

Yes, ads are an important way of getting leads for agencies. Facebook tops the list when it comes to social advertising. It offers plenty of targeting options. This helps agencies hit the sweet spot quicker and reach out to the specific target audience easily. It is also necessary to constantly A/B test your ads to improve your ROI.

I am a freelancer. I provide web design, social media, and content services. Which social channels should I focus on?

When you are starting out, it is better to focus on not more than three social channels. Doing more than three would become overwhelming and it is also difficult to be at different places all at the same time. Lisa recommends Facebook, Twitter, and one other social channel—LinkedIn or Instagram whichever suits your business requirements.

Summing it up

If you notice all the marketing tactics that Lisa has discussed, you will see that sharing content is the key way to build trust among your target audience. Clients flock to agencies that are credible and have a command over the services that they offer. The best way to demonstrate this to share valuable and engaging information that helps prospective clients.

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