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How to Get Followers on Facebook

Is it really possible to get x fans or followers for your business’ Facebook page? Truth be told, it is. However, to accomplish that you will need to put in time, effort, and money. If your next question is whether or not it is possible to achieve this without a marketing spend, my answer is a definite yes. However, please bear in mind that if you are pressed for time, then this will be a mammoth task for you.

I’m going to create a quick checklist for you to get as many fans and followers as you want for your Facebook page. Make sure you have crossed off each of them on the list.


Most small businesses these days use Facebook as their only online selling platform. Facebook pages have plenty of details and information fields that are required to be filled out. Your business’ Facebook page details do not stop at just the brand name, profile and cover images. In order to get more followers, you need to put all the necessary information out there. This adds credibility to your brand and also works in favor of SEO).


Some of the key details include

  • Brand name
  • Website URL
  • About section
  • Profile image
  • Cover image or video
  • Appropriate template
  • Call-to- action button
  • Physical address
  • Long description
  • Business mission
  • Facebook URL / username
  • Start Info
  • Email address and phone number



You may wonder why we aren’t inviting people to follow the business page yet. What’s the point of sending out invites when there is nothing happening on the page. What will the people you invite see when they come to your new Facebook fan page? That is the reason for you need to create and publish interesting and engaging content. 5 to 6 posts is a good number to have before you start inviting people.

For starters, Facebook allows users to post content that are

  • Text – 63,206 character long
  • Video – 120 minute long


However, if you post textual or visual content with that length, it may put your readers or fans off. The ideal length of text is 140 characters and video is 120 seconds. Research shows that posts that stick to this ideal length have performed better than lengthier posts.


Now, if you are looking for the best times to post, you need to remember that you have just created a Facebook page for your business. You do not have any followers yet and perhaps your first few status or content updates. This means that you may not have enough data to show you the best times to post content on your Facebook page. However, there are common popular times and days of the week that will work when you are new to Facebook.

Once you have a fan following, Facebook Insights will show you the optimal times to post content for maximum engagement.


Once you have published some interesting content, images, and videos, it’s time to send out the invites and get the party started. You can begin by inviting people in your closer circle—friends, family, colleagues, employees, etc. These are people you will get a definite follow or like from. Once you have around 25 fans for your Facebook page, you can get a vanity URL (, something that makes your page look credible.

You can also request your friends and family to invite people on their friend’s list to like or follow your page. While you do this, make sure that you continue sharing content relevant to your brand. It is ideal to have content scheduled in advance so that you can spend more time on marketing your business page on Facebook effectively.



You need to promote your Facebook page in other places where you already have an online presence. The first place to do that is on your website. Make sure you include a Facebook follow or like icon on your homepage so that people can find and connect with you on Facebook.


If your product is an online service that requires users to sign up using a social profile, then add a checkbox to automatically like your Facebook page.


You can also create a webpage where all your Facebook posts are shown. This brings your social presence to your website. You can also create a separate section that shows comments that your visitors have left for you on your Facebook posts. Facebook offers a set of plugins to help you with just that.



Finally, when you have used up all your ‘organic’ resources to get people interested in your products on Facebook, you need to spend a little of your marketing budget. A more important reason for doing this is Facebook’s news feed algorithm. Considering the growing number of Facebook users and business pages, it can get difficult to create a huge fan following on Facebook.

One way to do this is to boost engaging content that you published on your Facebook page. In order to avoid gambling on which post to boost, you can check post performance and then select the ones that have worked well for you before.


Facebook offers plenty of targeting options to help you reach people who are potentially interested in the products you sell. This means that the fans you acquire through paid campaigns will be a quality following. In fact, there is a higher chance of converting them to sales-qualified leads as well. You can also define the amount of money you will be spending each day. This gives you complete control over how much you will spend on Facebook marketing and whom you will target.


Facebook also has many ad types or formats that you can choose from based on your campaign goals. However, there is no definite way of knowing which type of content will work for your business or industry. Hence, make sure that you do an A/B test when running campaigns on Facebook. Based on what works, you can decide which type of content or advertisement to focus on. Facebook has a complete help section to guide you through your first ever paid ad.


After a couple of campaigns, you can explore Facebook’s lookalike option. Lookalike audience is another way to reach people who are similar to your target audience and might be possibly interested in your products.



I’ve walked you through the key tips for growing followers for your Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you on what worked for you and if there are any different or newer ways in which you have grown your Facebook followers. Drop them as comments. And, like I always say, let’s keep the social conversation going!