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Five Twitter Marketing Hacks for 2016

Millennials are branded as an impatient, tech savvy, digitally-connected bunch of multi-taskers looking for instant gratification. They are very expressive and seem to have an opinion on everything. So it’s not surprising when they latch onto something that has all these traits. Twitter personifies each of these characteristics and hence its popularity with this generation. Businesses now have started taking Twitter seriously to engage their prospects better. According to a recent survey, 67.2% of enterprises will use Twitter to market their products by 2017. Here’s is a crash course on five hacks that businesses can employ to leverage Twitter marketing better.

Twitter marketing #1 – Leveraging Twitter Polls

Twitter is the perfect place to vent how one feels. Imagine tweeting about the democratic debate and you suddenly see a poll asking who won the debate? All that tweet asks for is a click. Polls are awesome in engaging users as it takes impulse expression to the next level. A smart social media manager can easily leverage a twitter trend by taking a poll to put his brand in front of a large and active audience.

Twitter poll on trending hashtags

The poll feature can be further leveraged by promoting content in the poll itself. This creates engagement and also helps your content reach the numbers you desire.

Twitter poll to promote content

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Twitter marketing #2 – Visual Content    

The use of visual media cannot be overstated.  This can include gifs, videos, memes etc. 37% of the content that’s shared online is to make people laugh. A comprehensive Twitter marketing strategy has to take these factors into account.

Funny content is shared the most

So make sure that the content going out from your handle has a fun element to it even if it is only a conversation. Be fun to stand apart.

Twitter conversations can be funny too

Twitter marketing #3 – Using Lists Effectively

Twitter Lists bring order to chaos. There are around 500 million tweets sent a day. There are just too many tweets crying for attention out there. The best way to interact here is to organize them into lists. These lists can be used to serve various interests ranging from engaging brand loyalists, and, learning market trends from thought leaders to keeping a tab on the competition. Twitter allows you to keep these lists ‘public’ or ‘private’.

Effective implementation of twitter lists

Twitter marketing #4 – Twitter Management Tools

It is important for social media managers to stay on top of their Twitter handle. (No pun intended ;)) Managing a large follower count becomes a pain and hence we have a few tools like TweetDeck, Untangle, Twitonomy etc. which help in managing followers and giving weekly reports. These tools all have different functions, and a social media manager needs to be prudent in employing the right tool.

Twitter management apps

Twitter marketing #5 – Automate Publishing Tweets

Twitter users are found to be active at specific times during a day. A recent study revealed that twitter users are most active during 12 pm to 1 pm and that too on weekdays. This is because the user can furnish sufficient time to engage with the tweet. Geo-targeting tweets also needs to be done taking into account the fact that your prospects can be in different time zones. Twitter marketing or social media managers, hence, need to schedule their content accordingly to reach a large audience.

Tweet engagement trends

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Twitter is a vibrant and fast-paced medium. Brands need to be cautious while approaching their TGs in twitter. A lot can be said in 140 characters. Let’s make them count. Follow these five twitter marketing hacks and get the most of those tweets that you send. Let us know how these work out for you in the comments section or tweet to