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Complete Facebook Analytics for Business


There is no point in having a business page on Facebook if you do not run analytics for it. How else will you measure your performance on the social channel? From the number of likes, shares, and comments for your posts? That information is not going to be sufficient; you need to know “the finer details”. Facebook analytics gives you those details on which you should be basing your future marketing strategy.


Now, Facebook has a free tool just for analytics—Facebook Insights. In Facebook, there are a lot of elements that need measuring and Facebook Insights is effectively designed to meet this purpose. Here we guide you on how to access this tool and get great analytics.


Insights is available for pages on Facebook. If you are a beginner, then it is important to note that your page must have seen sufficient activity; otherwise there is not much point in doing analytics. If you have a reasonable number of fans and campaign on the channel regularly, then you are guaranteed analytics of a highly professional quality.


Under Insights, you have different sections, each of which gives you details relevant to that section. Insights offers in-depth information relating to all the available metrics. There are different sections under the Insights tab. Let us look at each of these in turn.

To view insights, click on the Insights button at the top of your Business page. I will break down each metrics that will help you understand the data that Facebook offers.

facebook insights


As the name suggests, under this tab, you get to see a concise report on all the important metrics relevant to your business page. These include Page Views, Page Previews, and Actions on Page. The metrics under Overview can also be viewed under separate sections. We will now take a quick look at all the available metrics on Insights.


This tab gives you a report on Follower information. The key metrics available are

  • Daily follower data
  • Total page follower
  • Net followers – with a breakdown of negative stats like unfollows, organic followers, etc.
  • Location of page follows: where they happened


  • Daily Like data
  • Total page likes
  • Net page likes – with a breakdown of negative stats like Unlikes, Paid Likes, etc.
  • Where your likes happened


  • Daily data
  • Post Reach – Organic and Paid
  • Likes, Comments, and Shares
  • Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes
  • Total Reach – this refers to the number of people to whom any of the content from your page was served

fb insights reach



  • Total Views
  • Total People who Viewed – with a breakdown according to age and gender, device, location, etc.
  • Top Sources – refers to details of the top sources that directed traffic to your page, shown as graph


  • Daily data
  • Total Page Previews
  • Total People who previewed – breakdown according to age and gender


  • Total Actions on Page – breakdown of Get Direction Clicks, Website Clicks, Phone Number Clicks, Action Button Clicks
  • People who clicked Action Button – with a breakdown according to age, gender, device, etc.
  • Separate Get Direction Click stats – with a breakdown according to age, gender, location, and device
  • Separate Website Click stats- with a breakdown according to age, gender, location, and device
  • Separate Phone Number Click stats- with breakdown according to age, gender, location, and device


  • Timings your fans are online
  • Success of stats based on post type – breakdown of engagement for posts
  • All posts published




Under this, you can choose to view details of just your own events, or include details of events you are co-hosting. There are 5 key metrics you can view here:

  • Event awareness- details of the number of people reached, and event page views
  • Event engagement – details of people who responded, and event actions
  • Tickets- buy ticket click stats
  • Audience – demographics for event audience
  • Upcoming events


  • Number of minutes viewed
  • Video Views – breakdown of Organic and Paid views
  • Top videos – Best performing videos based on video views




  • Total Conversations
  • Your response stats
  • Deleted Conversations
  • Blocked Conversations
  • Marked as Spam Conversations


Under this, you can view information on your page promotions in detail.


This option comes for most of these metrics. Benchmarking compares data between different time periods, which gives you an idea of how your page has been performing.


You can export the data from Overview tab, by clicking on the Export data button on the top right.



Under this, you have the option of exporting data from a time period of your choice. You can also select the type of data you want to export.


Besides Facebook Insights, there are other social media reporting software you can try for the analytics. Select your tool on the basis of what metrics you can view on it. A good tool would be one that gives you all the information that is available on Facebook Insights and some more. Here are some of the best bets:


SMhack is a social media management software, that offers a variety of services, including Facebook analytics. On SMhack, you have the option of running analytics for your profiles, as well as pages and groups.

Get detailed reports laying down engagement, audience demographics, top posts, and much more, only on SMhack. SMhack also does competitive analytics, through which you can compare your page performance against that of rival pages. Get insights on your performance compared to that of your competitors, and find out how you fare against them. You can compare multiple profiles at the same time.
You can get reports for a single page, as well as for multiple competitor pages. A section of a report, showing fan growth rate for Facebook’s official page:

An excerpt showing fan growth rate for competitor pages of Facebook:

What is more, you can also download white-label reports of the data. This means you can not only download the reports, but also use them anywhere else as your own.


This is a free Facebook analytics tool from Meltwater. LikeAlyzer gives you overview reports with stats on any page of interest, be it yours or that of a competitor. Enter the URL of whichever Facebook page you have in mind and you can view most of the key metrics for that page on the tool, such as Engagement rate, Post Timing, Page ranking by domain, etc. I ran Facebook’s own page on LikeAlyzer; here is a section from the report.

LikeAlyzer gives you some exciting extras, including a section on links relevant to the page. And that is not all! The tool also highlights areas your performance needs improvement(by marking these with red crosses), accompanied by tips. The areas of strength are marked by green ticks.


A free preview tool on Keyhole lets you check stats for any Facebook page of your choice. You can view data for up to one year, and a maximum of 99 posts only. Only a limited range of metrics can be viewed on this tracker, such as fan stats, top posts, and engagement rate. Here is a section of a report on Facebook’s own page:

On their paid version, enjoy more in-depth analytics on competitors, and optimize your strategy based on their content reports:




A popular analytics software, check out Simply Measured for their comprehensive Facebook analytics. They offer a free trial, besides the paid version. You can track all the key metrics relevant to Facebook such as Reach, Engagement, Video views, and Top posts.

Run competitive analytics, and understand what content works best, based on media or engagement.

Keyhole covers all the important metrics, and offers the additional feature of sharing your dashboard with clients and team members.


Union Metrics is also a popular analytics brand. They offer analytics for Facebook, besides other social media channels. You can sign up for a trial, or opt for the paid version. Union Metrics offers you insights on page engagement, post reach, and fan growth, to name a few.

Analyze content performance based on type and engagement. With their reports, understand your audience, and discover optimal times for posting:

These are just some of the many tools available out there. Do you know of any tool that should be on the list? Are there any points of interest that you would like to discuss with us? Do let us know with a comment!