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The Guide On Writing Branded Content For Social Media

With the Internet at our fingertips, traditional advertising has completely shifted. Yet, the content remains critical. For the generation of digital everything and Gen Z, brands are no longer meaningful.

According to the ConvinceAndConvert report, they would rather believe friends than the best campaign ever. When they buy online, digital generations look for a social media presence. This is why branded content becomes prevalent on all platforms and motivates businesses to shift services in order to meet the new requirements.

Whether you’re a new or an experienced content writer, this guide will help you master the art of crafting good content for social media.

Speak the same language as your customers

Social media content should be personal. It means that you should communicate with your audience like they are your friends. To help you achieve this, start from the following two primary steps:

  • Consider your brand’s purpose and describe a person that needs it. Then think of the issues that he/she wants to solve, as well as the things your competitors ignore. You can gain even more customers if you determine a specific problem for your branded content and offer ways on how to solve it.
  • Conduct simple market research to learn your audience, namely their interests, style of language, and social media platforms that they use, etc. Try to put together an example client to ensure your branded content reaches the right person and engages them.
  • Develop your marketing personas as they may vary between the networks. It means if you use the same content across all social media networks, it won’t resonate the same way. For example, your TikTok posts should target younger audiences, while the Instagram account – small business owners.

Your main goal as a content writer to make a brand thoughtful. So work together with creators and designers to deliver the right idea. Give your brand content a voice and stick to it.

Visuals matter

Visuals have a great impact on reach, engagement, and sales. As Hubspot reporting showed, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant supporting imagery. Yet, visuals shouldn’t replace the content. They should complement it in gaining attention and increasing engagement.

True, social media texts are small. However, they require the same level of creative direction. Together with attractive and relevant photos, your content will grip the customers and help communicate with them more easily.

The same research reports that 62% of marketers rate videos as an effective content marketing tactic, while 54% of customers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. These statistics prove that videos have overtaken social networks and you should include them to your posts, and a business strategy in particular.

To make your content more visual, it is good to include fonts, typography, colours, and outline their uses. You can also make graphic templates for the same type of announcements, such as a similar font, colour, and design. Try to keep your brand’s aesthetic in photos and videos.

The Guide On Writing Branded Content For Social Media

Please note that every word you add and every image you show need scenarios. For a content writer, it may become a challenge. It means that the ideas are getting stronger and the texts are becoming shorter.

Search for new ways to refresh your texts

A brand content writer should be in constant search of inspiration. Sure, it’s not so easy. For this reason, you may ask for help from experts or implement special tools. Whether you use them to upgrade rankings and traffic or increase your brand recognition, they will help you with your writing. For example, Links Management may become a source of inspiration for you. By using it, you can arrive at the sky-high sales rates and profit.

Just like in any marketing, brand content writing requires testing and experimenting as they can provide you with insights into a larger picture. As your audience’s moods or choices change, it’s essential to change your creative strategy as well.

Don’t be afraid of failed posts. They are lessons to use in developing future brand content strategies. So experiment with the style of writing, slang, and words you use. This may make a positive impact.

The Guide On Writing Branded Content For Social Media

As a brand content writer, try to learn something new all the time. Taking new classes and courses can be of great help.

Establish your brand basics and be consistent

Traditionally, brand basics include a consistent logo, colour palette, bio, boilerplate, etc. Marketers sometimes offer to change logo styling slightly between networks as the latter may not have enough photo space or to cater to the interests of specific audiences.

There is one rule: people should recognize the content, images, colours as your brand. If they see the consistency in posts, people will begin to recognize your company’s post without seeing your brand’s logo or social media handle. Isn’t such a brand recognition the ultimate goal for all social media branding efforts?

The Guide On Writing Branded Content For Social Media

However, avoid being too brandy. You should evolve alongside your audience. For this, audit and update your content at least quarterly.

Define your company’s brand voice

Every text you write should correspond to your company’s brand voice, and in your social media in particular. It means if you see a relevant hashtag, make a post about it, if you see an opportunity for engagement, take it.

The Guide On Writing Branded Content For Social Media

To incorporate the brand voice, you may also implement some tools like the above-mentioned Links Management. There are other useful services you might find interesting:

  • Grammarly: This is a grammar editor, which helps spot grammatical mistakes and remains stylistically consistent.
  • Hemingwayapp: This is a writing service used by content marketers and business owners.

Keep your texts short and positive

All your texts should be scannable and easy to read. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Use headlines and bullet points.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and straightforward.
  • Be concise when writing your branded content.

To retain and gain followers with content, your company should provide a refreshing spin. The writing style should be positive, as well as induce excitement and inspiration. It should voice your opinion, instead of starting an attack. Don’t criticize anybody publicly, engage with the nasty side of social media or promote it. Be careful with what and how you write.

Always add calls to action

Your social media posts should end with a call to action to prompt your audience to do something. Whether you may ask a question, tell your audience to click the link in your bio or direct them to your website or store, call to action will help gain new customers to subscribers.

Create different accounts

For big companies, multiple accounts may help cater to a specific audience. For example, to add a location feature for a Facebook page, you may create an account per location.

It is good to create accounts by the audience like popular sports teams have or for different departments of higher education, etc. When you talk about handling multiple social media accounts and using analytics to find the performance of their posts, SMhack is a perfect candidate to help the user achieve these

Use analytics

As a brand content writer, you post at least 3 times a week. Keeping that in mind, how to learn, which of the writing techniques you used has worked.

For this reason, you should track and note down everything you did, and even didn’t, as well as use social media analytics. Most social media sites offer their own analytics or insights tools. You can use them to measure the growth and effectiveness of your social channels, learn what people respond to and engage with on your social channels.

Also, analytics allows you to understand what works for your competitors and their audiences.

Based on the March survey of digital buyers, 80+% of people said they would be comfortable sharing personal information directly with a brand for the purposes of personalizing marketing messages. This is a good trend for content writers as they can launch a poll and ask followers directly what they like and don’t.

Review your content strategy regularly

Writers should have a content plan for every month and stick to it. This will help to search, monitor, analyze, and gives time to experiment. When implemented correctly, you’ll find great leads.

There are some signs that can show you your content strategy doesn’t work, and they are as follows:

  • There is no growth in traffic.
  • People don’t share your content.
  • There are no comments and questions.

If you understand that you need to shift your content strategy, you may implement the following:

  • Search for new topics or keywords.
  • Find another angle to tackle your subject and cover topics in a new way.
  • Look at opposites.
  • Twist the topic. If everybody focuses on what to do, you may write about what not to do in the same situation.
  • Change the angle and shift the form.

Writing for brands is challenging, yet it can inspire and excite you more. With the rise of social media, businesses may gain even more customers and exceed in the world of branded content. Be on top of trends, experiment with new strategies, and your work will pay off.

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