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5 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks To Grow Your Business

Millions of professionals worldwide use LinkedIn to build their career and to seek new personal development opportunities. It’s also a well-known service to showcase the brand or a company among the community. But how to use it to attract people and find potential customers there? Furthermore, how to make this social network valuable for your marketing strategy?

Here’s the list of LinkedIn marketing hacks that work – follow them and grow your business ultimately!

Make Your Brand Recognizable – Create The Company Page

Give LinkedIn users a chance to find you and your brand – start building the community from launching the Company Page. Why? Treat it as an alternative to the main website of your product or service. Provide there all the useful information to help people stay up-to-date with the news, share new blog posts or keep asking questions to stay in touch with your users. This is also an excellent way to get the feedback – engage the customers to share their thoughts in the comments and read opinions carefully!

Remember to fill the page with all the relevant details about your company – its website, link to the other social networks, high-quality logo, and product or service description (spend some time to make a great copy!). Provide also an image which could be a background photo – screen of your software, a picture of your team or something else to make the page identifiable.

Your LinkedIn page is your professional resume - Make it count
Your LinkedIn page is your professional resume – Make it count

Invite all the employees to join the page community to make the company more trustworthy for the LinkedIn users. Engage them also to share updates. Don’t be afraid of asking your customers for a recommendation if it’s appropriate and serve them as excellent testimonials for your business.

Consider launching a linkedin group based on the interest or industry

Starting a group which is connected to the particular product or service is another way to make the company recognizable. But it’s not about creating a promotion channel because the business page fulfills this purpose. It should be the place where influencers from your industry can share their knowledge and experience to teach the beginners what needs to be done to be successful.

Try to create the group focused on the one subject which refers to what the company is doing. Assign the role of primary moderator to a person which can also be a speaker in the typical discussion, who deserves to be called as an expert.

Create groups in LinkedIn to showcase your expertise
Create groups in LinkedIn to showcase your expertise

Launching a group doesn’t mean that the people will find it – to create a real community, invite your LinkedIn friends to join this channel and ask them to recruit new members as well. Try also to reach the influencers from your industry and sent them an invitation. The more people interested in one subject, the better and more interesting discussion will be!


After launching a company page and your group, you’ll be able to inform the users about new blog posts or changes and updates of your product/service. But don’t treat those channels like bookmarking sites – always try to provide a high-quality content, because this is the way to attract new customers successfully. Consider also to share your thoughts via LinkedIn Pulse. Publishing there will help you join the professional network completely and show your product or service to a wider audience.

Publish expert articles in Pulse to get your traction going
Publish expert articles in Pulse to get your traction going

Treat LinkedIn Pulse like an alternative to your company website, but try not to overuse it. Post an original and inspiring article about your industry with subtle references to your business. Make a plan of publications similar to the one you’re probably creating for your blog and devote particular ideas for the posts. Let your users know about the new articles in the other social networks!

Remember to avoid the duplicate content, because it’s a wrong solution for your SEO.

Try if LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Work For You

According to Buffer, a post on LinkedIn reaches typically 20% of the entire number of followers. That’s why investing in this social network native advertising format helps companies grow the audience successfully.

But is it necessary to pay for all the updates? Of course not, because it’s a serious expense for most of the companies worldwide. It’s much better to choose an appropriate content to promote – a unique article or interesting case study which you want to show to the wider audience.

LinkedIn ads is a great way to promote quality content
LinkedIn ads is a great way to promote quality content

Fortunately, LinkedIn advertisers are not restricted to the ad formats. This social network allows them to post blog articles, videos, PDFs infographics and many others to provide interesting and attractive content.

However, if a mussel doesn’t open, don’t eat it. After posting a few sponsored updates analyze if the money spent works for you. If the expenses don’t pay, you should rethink your content strategy or resign from paid ads entirely.


When your company page, showcase page and group full of influencers are ready, try looking for another promotion opportunities. LinkedIn provides an advanced search which allows you to be more accurate when seeking ways to grow the business successfully.

How to use the Advanced Search?

The search bar is placed on the top of the LinkedIn page. After clicking on the “Advanced” button, you’ll be redirected to the detailed list containing things like relationship, location, industry, company or language – the same as the sections of personal profiles. You can also search people by the relevant keywords.

Advanced search lets you dig out the right prospects
Advanced search lets you dig out the right prospects

How can Advanced Search help you reach the wider audience? It’s a great way to connect the people who are matching your interests and can be considered as potential customers. Send them an invitation to your community but remember to don’t sell them anything in the first message! Instead of being hard-sell oriented, try to offer them something unique.


Even though LinkedIn seems to be a difficult social network to promote something there, don’t be afraid of utilizing it as a way to maximize your brand existence. Implementing those five simple hacks will help you start in an appropriate way – the rest is up to you!


This post was shared by Ola Rybacka from Timecamp. She is a journalism and social communication graduate. She is also a passionate copywriter and new media maniac who loves cooking, jazz and SF/fantasy books.