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The world spends more time on social media than it does in the real world. And wherever people go, businesses are going to follow. It is only reasonable, isn’t it, to be where your customers are? Earlier, the TV was the number one choice for advertising through which you established brand presence. Now it is all on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! And so enter the social media manager, the person who serves as the important link between businesses and the people.


You can say that a social media manager manages the company’s presence on social media, but it is not as simple as it sounds. The position entails a multitude of tasks. It includes simple(or maybe not) work from posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to developing strategies to improve brand presence. It involves a lot of work, viz.

  • planning ahead
  • scheduling
  • responding to comments
  • ideating for advertising opportunities,
  • managing followers
  • writing monthly reports
  • being aware of the latest news related to social media

Sounds daunting? You bet it is, especially if you are a social media manager. Which is why we have come up with this list of 15 tools, to make your job easier for you.


Creating and managing content is among the first duties of a social media manager and with the aid of Google Docs that job becomes a lot simpler. Google Docs is available for free and is a great way to edit content both online and offline. It comes with plenty of tools, fonts, and templates. With the auto-save feature, you can avoid saving the document after each edit. You can convert your Word document to a Google Doc and vice versa. You can share the document with anyone, and allow them to edit or comment on the content. The changes that are made to the document can be viewed in real-time by others who also have the link. This saves a lot of time, as all of it happens online, especially for collaborative projects such as social media content calendar. Besides the Docs feature, there are Sheets, Forms, and Slides.

Also, check out the “Explore” option, which gives you direct access, to your google docs and to the web for research purposes!

google docs

There is an entire gallery for templates, offering a wide range of choices.

google docs

You can share the document with one or more people, according to your needs.

google docs


For content to be effective, it has to be devoid of grammar mistakes. If you are doubtful about your grammar and spelling skills, Grammarly is a very handy tool. It is among the top-ranking tools for checking grammar. All you have to do is import your document into the app, and Grammarly highlights all the errors and suggests corrections. Using the extension highlights errors as you type on social channels or social media management software. You can use Grammarly online, or install the app for chrome, which is even more convenient. It highlights grammatical and spelling errors as you type a status, tweet, or caption on any of the social channels.


You can either upload the file you want to be proofread or copy-paste the content.


Note how the mistakes are underlined for you to fix.


Visual appeal is important to make your content connect with the viewer. You can enhance your content with good design and great pictures. Canva is a great online tool that allows you to edit photos and create your own designs, based on the kind of posts you have in mind. They have plenty of templates to suit each different purpose, be it a social media post, a document, blog, or even ads. The tool also offers you a range of free images that you can choose from and edit as you like.

A look into how Canva works:


Once you are finished, you can download your work, or share it directly on any of the social media channels.


An important job for the social media manager is to plan out ad campaigns for their clients. Adparlor is an excellent tool that helps formulate strong and effective ad campaigns. Here you can create ad mock-ups for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can view the results of your ad campaigns across social media channels at one place using the Onevu Dashboard feature. Intelligence tagging is another feature that is automated to check each element of your ad and improve performance. Adparlor also offers services like real-time weather and sports ad-targeting. Through their actionable reports, you gain advanced insights and optimize how you spend on ad campaigns.



Buzzsumo helps you search for published content, and find influencers. All you have to do is enter keywords relevant to your domain in the search bar, and Buzzsumo gives you access to content ranked according to the level of engagement it has enjoyed. This is valuable information that comes in handy for backlinks. Also, you can find out how your own content ranks on BuzzSumo, and take notes from content that outranks you on the search results. Besides, a social media manager also shares content that is not their own but is relevant to their field. BuzzSumo also helps in that regard.

search for influencers and reach out to them


If you are a social media manager, you will realize how important it is to maintain a schedule for all your work. Unless you have planned your work down to the last detail, your campaigns are going to suffer. Especially if you have a big clientele. It is therefore imperative to maintain a schedule for all your work related, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, to eliminate last minute hassles. With Google Calendar, you can organize your tasks, assignments, deadlines and what not, all in one place, down to the last second. You can highlight different calendars in different colors, and avoid confusion.
If you want, you can transfer events from a different calendar application to Google Calendar. You can sync Google Calendar to all your mobile devices as well.



It is necessary to stay connected with all the members of your team on one platform to make communication easier. Slack is a great tool for team communication, keeping you and your team connected at one place. You can create channels to which you can invite the team members of your choice. The tool offers the option of creating multiple channels, which can be both public or private.

Slack-SMhack Integration

This is what a channel on Slack looks like:

slack channel

Slack offers many features:

  • Channels – where you and your team are connected at the same time, making discussions easy
  • Messaging – you can directly message any member on the channel
  • Calls – you can make both voice and video calls
  • Drag, drop and share files
  • Connect all your tools to Slack
  • Search the archive for material

Slack also integrates with a lot of social media management software. With the integration of Slack with SMhack, keeping track of your social is made a lot easier. The feeds from all your social profiles can now be viewed on Slack itself. You can view information regarding posts, the engagement from the viewers, and respond to it, all from Slack itself. This eliminates the trouble of going to each social channel, one by one, in order to respond to your audience. You can also view the publishing schedule with details of your team members on Slack. This is useful in monitoring the work of every member.

#8 MOZ

Any social media manager worth their salt will appreciate the importance of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). Your website and the content you share need to be optimized in order for Google to recognize you as a credible source. The more people link back to your website, the more credible you are in Google’s eyes. Moz offers a complete SEO toolset with which to improve website rankings and search engine visibility. Moz also offers a range of free tools for SEO like Keyword Explorer, Open Site Explorer, MozBar and MozPro, and tools for local marketing like My Business Listing, My Business Console, Categories and MozLocal.



Having an influencer to promote your content is a great way to build hype and improve your audience reach. BuzzStream lets you do just that, by researching influencers and bringing you closer to them. Reasons why you should use the tool:
It serves as a digital public relations tool, that helps you connect with influencers using their prospecting tool
It helps in link-building and speeds up the research process
It allows you to navigate the list of prospects, add contacts to your campaign and gather website and social metrics automatically
It helps in promoting your content by researching your influencers. Based on the audience enjoyed by them, the influencers are filtered, and the best ones identified. You can pitch your content to these influencers for maximum reach


TweetDeck is a handy tool to have if you are handling multiple Twitter accounts. The feature makes it convenient to manage and organize all your timelines in one place, schedule your tweets, build a team account, build a tweet collection, and much more. It is available for PC or Mac, and also as a Chrome add-on. This is how TweetDeck looks:



When you want to know the best time for posting all your tweets, turn to Tweriod. This is a tool that will analyze your followers and tells you which time of day is best for tweeting. The free trial will analyze up to 1000 followers for you. The report is emailed once it is complete, and the time taken to prepare the report depends on the number of followers. However, most social media management softwares come with an inbuilt feature that not only suggests the optimal times for publishing but also helps in automatically scheduling posts for you.



Who isn’t thankful for Quora? You can connect with people, ask questions or answer them on this platform. Quora is reliable for authenticity and enjoys a huge following. This is a useful tool for researching your content, and for backlinking. You can request answers of persons of authority recommended by Quora, and be guaranteed authentic information. You can also establish yourself as an authority on your subject, by answering questions related to your domain there. This way, you can connect with an audience that is already interested in your domain, and improve your visibility.


Quora also lets you ask questions anonymously:



Bitly is a great tool that allows you to shorten links online. This is especially useful in the case of social channels like Twitter, which publishes posts that contain only 140 characters. If your post comes with a link, and the link is too long, Bitly comes to the rescue. Here is an example:



Rival IQ is an analytics software that helps to boost your brand performance. It analyses the performance of your posts, and with the figures, you can plan your strategies better. But more importantly, Rival IQ also helps to track your performance against that of your competitors. You can do so by putting down your brand along with the rival brands, and Rival IQ does the rest of the work. Their services include

  • Social analytics
  • Competitive analysis
  • Post performance
  • Boosted post detection
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Social reporting
  • Instant alerts
  • Facebook ads analytics


And last, but not the least, we give you a tool that covers backlinks! Ahrefs helps to improve your search traffic, monitor the performance of your competitors, and most importantly, helps in researching your backlinks. They claim to run the largest backlink index in the world. This means they are qualified to improve your SEO. Ahrefs does research for keywords, content, link-building, and web-monitoring. Ahrefs lets you analyze the search traffic of your competitors. The “Content Gap” feature helps you understand which keywords you can use to improve SEO for your site.


We hope you found this list helpful! But don’t stop here; there are any number of tools out there, and you just have to explore to find them. If you have any suggestions for this list, do let us know in the comments section!


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