We started SMhack with one vision.

To make social easy again.

Pravin Pravin Kumar | Founder & CEO, PANACEABAY, INC.

I first encountered a social media tool when I was a Product Manager at Zoho Corporation. I wondered then how these tools that essentially needed to be simple were so difficult to use. I looked around for options. Found many. But they all fell short somewhere. From scheduled posts not going live to not being able to follow conversations, I had seen it all. All I wanted to do was view a few profiles across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and interact with people getting in touch with my product.

That is when the idea of starting SMhack took form. Since then, we have been working to create a tool that makes the life of social media managers easy. Fortunately, I found the right team who believed in my vision that you would have fun even while doing the mundane through SMhack.

Take SMhack out for a spin and test out its capabilities. I am sure you will see how your routine tasks become fun and effortless. If you feel otherwise, write to me at pravin@smhack.io and we will fix those dents right away.

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iOPEX Technologies Inc is a new-generation business services provider offering optimized IT management services. They are process innovators focused on extracting the best out of the investments companies have made. Founded in 2009, iOPEX loves building custom solutions for all their clients, many of whom are in the Fortune 500.

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